CACP – #28 – I’ll Always Remember This

After a 2 week hiatus, the Cream Puffs have returned for Season 2 refreshed and renewed. During their well deserved vacations Joey, Matt and Wendy attended the Rochester Pride meeting and recruiting Creamies while Marc was singing for his pizza at the Italian Festival. Matt survived a tornado or three; Marc is still learning that there is no place like a new home and Joey is chasing munchkins around Oz with a big board with a rusty nail in it. Also check out our jam packed Celebrity Reach Around, Lindsay and Ricky and Mel, oh my!


CACP – #29 – Lifestyles Of The Rich And Boring

No more wedding bell blues in the state of California. Prop Hate has been ruled unconstitutional, for now. However the celebs are keeping the crazy going. Fantasia destroyed a straight marriage and made a sex tape as proof, Justin Beiber was hit in the head finally, Rod Stewart is having another child at 102 years of age, don’t piss off Jet Blue, they’ve had enough, the government is so broke that they are shaking down lemonade stands, and Mel Gibson’s dad claims the Pope is gay. The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree! Join us for all this lunacy and more!

P.S. Please just sign in at the door!

CACP – #30 – There’s More Than One Way To Marinate A Cat!

In this mile stone installment we start off with our very own locally grown bizarre news story. What goes better with cat, white or red wine? This episode proves to be all about the boys (well mostly). Joey shares his first week results of 52 by 32 and nearly has it out with his very own Mrs. Claxton, Marc is getting his new sofa…but doesn’t have a gentleman to share it with, but he’s so over it, and Matt was saved from a bird, bat, or monster attacked by his knight in shining armor. This is a land mark episode not to be missed!

CACP – #31 – Adventures In Doggy Sitting

For this week’s episode we are joined by the always witty and always zany, Naughty Nanny Wendy. Who, quite frankly this week is full of piss and vinegar. As this episode title suggests, she shares her adventures with her furry house guest. Apparently canines were not covered at Nanny University.

Joey is still going strong with his diet but desperately wants to be invited to Aarti’s Party. Marc finally got his new couch but no sex please. Clear liquids only. And apparently having bats in the belfry is hereditary. Well, at least for Matt’s family. In addition this week’s news is filled with naughty animals. So relax Wendy; it’s probably just a full moon.

Music in this week’s episode includes Material Girl performed by Madonna

CACP – #32 – The Dark Knight Returns

For this week’s installment it’s Marc’s turn to have bats in his belfry. Regardless, the show must go on. Once again we are joined by the animal loving, always p.c., Naughty Nanny Wendy. Joey finally says fuck the munchkins and their parents and Matt explains the 3 Fs in human interaction; flirting, fighting, and fucking. Beyond that he has no use for you! Is this the gayest year at the Emmys ever and why is Paris Hilton borrowing a purse? Really that’s the best you came up with?

CACP – #33 -New Beginnings, Literally!

This week we are thrilled to debut our new theme song, written and performed by the amazing and talented Flat 29 boys Dan, Rich, and Charlie. By the way, they’re not bad to look at either.

For this episode we are joined by “Cream Packer” Betsy Carmichael, who is just returning from touring with the Drag Race Girls. This week Joey has road rage senior edition, Matt once again is the dancing queen at a wedding and poor Marc can’t gain weight. All of this and Dancing with the Stars, Zsa Zsa, chain smoking toddlers, the Spice Girls and more.

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Be sure to check out the Flat 29 podcast at

Music in this episode includes “Wannabe” by The Spice Girls, available on iTunes.

CACP – #34 – Turning Back Time

In this week’s episode Joey is about to pass on to the great beyond but before he goes he is sharing all sorts of sordid stories of debauchery. Matt’s transition to suburban house wife is complete and Marc is back in the saddle!

CACP – #35 – Hey Baby!

This week’s episode is a roller coaster ride. It may start out slow but then takes off like a rocket. The hot topic this week is Marc’s trip in the magical mystery van. Married or crazy? You be the judge.

Lindsay Lohan’s going back to the clink, new Glee guest star revealed and Mariah Carey is angled to perfection. Also Patti LuPone’s Memoir has stolen out hearts.

Music in this week’s episode includes:

Some People from Gypsy performed by Patti LuPone

The Art of the Possible performed by the Original 1979 Broadway Cast of Evita

Meadowlark performed by Patti LuPone

All selections are available on iTunes.

CACP – #36 – Well, I’ll Be Goddamned

Join the Cream Puffs for another week of fun and debauchery as we discuss our favorite celebrities. Lindsay Lohan is trying to get the paparazzi to notice her again and they want none of it. Courtney Love cleaning up her image, it’s about damn time. Who’s Blanket’s daddy and who cares? Mindy Cohn is…wait Mindy Cohn!?

Music in this week’s episode includes ‘The Cat Came Back’ by Countdown Kids available on iTunes

CACP – #37 – Candy Everybody Wants!

This week we are ecstatic to bring to you Chicago Comedian, and our college classmate, Candy Lawrence! Candy is a hilarious, cat obsessed, lesbian currently performing as a regular cast member at The Lincoln Lodge in Chicago.

Besides our journeys down memory lane, Candy also shares her own “It Gets Better” story and now is living the dream. An audience, two cats, an afghan, an assortment of miniskirts, and a wagon. What more could any girl want?

To check out Candy, go to

CACP – #38 – You’re Mad As Hell?

We hate to get political on your asses but some things cannot be ignored. In the first section of this week’s episode Joey and Marc blast Tea Party candidate, Carl Paladino for his hateful, anti gay comments especially in light of the recent GLBT youth suicides. Don’t despair Creamies, we then brought the funny and filth you’ve come to expect including a visit from the Naughty Nanny.

CACP – #39 – I’m Not A Witch.

Matt, back from vacation shares with us a dream he had. In this world the Cream Puffs were charged as Witches and one of them was found guilty. Can you guess whom? Oh and did we mention the judge was the Naughty Nanny Wendy! Marc tells us about…wait for it…a new show he is working on, and Joey saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico.

Music from this episode includes ‘Hello’ and ‘Truly’ performed by Lionel Richie

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CACP – #40 – The Halloween Spooktacular

We are now 40 and fabulous. To celebrate this spooky season we invited Creamies to share their favorite ghost stories with us. We discussed the real life origins of one of the scariest movies of all time, The Exorcist. Matt built a 4200 calorie house for ghouls, Facebook is getting gays jobs, Mariah Carey still refuses to speak about her growing belly, Mel Gibson gets canned from his next film (I wonder why), the Von Trapps are back in the house and, we say good-bye to iconic TV dad, Tom Bosley.

Music from this weeks show includes:

‘Supernatural’ performed by Madonna

‘I Have Confidence’ performed by Julie Andrews

‘Thriller’ performed by Michael Jackson

CACP – #41 – A Diamond In the Rump

This week we are joined once again by everyone’s favorite Naughty Nanny, Wendy and discuss Adult Truths, McDonald’s and people hiding things where they do not belong. Babies are big this week in the Celebrity Reach Around. Mariah Carey finally admits to being pregnant, Celine Dion shares a startling truth about her recent pregnancy and Charlie Sheen is acting like a baby!

This week we also announced that November 7th will kick of this year’s Podcast People’s Choice Awards Nominations. For your consideration, please nominate Cocktails and Cream Puffs, Best GLBT Podcast for 2010. Please visit any time after November 7th until November 21st and nominate us! We are nothing without you and would be honored by your nomination.

Music from this episode includes ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ from Mariah Carey’s new album Merry Christmas II U

CACP – #42 – Make It Happen!

Nominations are open for the 2010 Podcast Awards. For your consideration go to and please nominate Cocktails and Cream Puffs for Best GLBT and People’s Choice. Only you can MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Music in this episode includes:

‘Make it Happen’ performed by Mariah Carey

‘Kind of Woman’ from Pippin performed by Jill Claybourgh

CACP – #43 – Discomboobulated

This week’s episode is all over the place as the title alludes to. The boys start with an actual serious topic discussing the continuing inequalities for gays in this Country but quickly they move over into their usual array of insanity. These include

Joey shucking and jiving for nominations, Matt being over NYC, Marc sees another boy, blushes and running away again, a crazy lady becomes a star on her daddy’s advice, Madonna thanks the gays, and Wendy is in jail and liking the attention.

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CACP – #44 – I Think We’re Alone Now

This week we are thrilled to have the opportunity to interview and see the original Princess of Pop, 80’s teen pop idol and, number one charting recording artist, TIFFANY!

In the episode we feature music by Tiffany including: I Think We’re Alone Now, If Only, and All This Time. All of which are available on iTunes or

CACP – #45 – Celebration!

We want to thank you, our listeners. We are celebrating because we have been nominated for BEST GLBT and the top prize of PEOPLE’S CHOICE for the 6th annual Podcast Awards. Voting runs Dec 1st-15th. Vote early, vote often!

This week we are joined by our dear friend Chrissy for some cocktails and cattiness (hmm perhaps a spin off?). This episode is filled with concerts, family, quitting smoking, celebrities in caskets, and bathing suits accenting the pride of once…um, nation.

Vote at

CACP – #46 – Inside The BOXX

This week we bring you a special bonus episode featuring the hardest working Drag Queen in America! She was awarded Miss Congeniality on Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 2 and was a Professor on Drag U, PANDORA BOXX!

Creamies please remember to vote daily at for Cocktails and Cream Puffs in the categories of PEOPLE’S CHOICE and GLBT. We need you!

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CACP – #47 – Driving Miss Wendy

As the title suggests, the Naughty Nanny is back and driving slower than ever as she gets lost throughout the world. In addition we dive into celebrity reach around with Madonna, Angelina, Aretha, Elton, and Britney. No last names needed. Also is this the final straw for Brian Dunkleman? I know, Brian who?

Remember Creamies, Voting closes DECEMBER 15TH, vote now, vote daily for the Podcast Awards

CACP – #48 – Happy Festivus

This week Joey embraces that special holiday of Festivus and airs his grievances against his closest and dearest friends. Basically it’s a bitchfest but, if you don’t let it out…you’ll explode.

Happy 31st Birthday to Matt and thank you to everyone who vote for us in the Podcast Awards.

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CACP – #49 – And The Winners Are… Not Us

Thank you to everyone who supported and voted for us for this year’s Podcast Awards. It was an honor to be nominated. Congratulations to Savage Love, winner for GLBT and to Tell’em Steve Dave, winner of People’s Choice.

CACP – #50 – Our First Christmas…Special

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our devoted Creamies around the World. At this special time of the year the Cream Puffs have come together to share their favorite Christmas songs and to debut a new one you all will love.

All of the songs on this week’s episode are available on iTunes or through the Amazon link on our website.

CACP – #51 – Reflections Of 2010

The Cream Puffs this week shared their magical Christmas adventures and reflected on the Best of 2010.

CACP – #52 – Will The Real Matt Please Stand

This week the full play adaption of Matt’s spoken word piece, Recovery Mode is opening in Sacramento, CA. So we are joined by the fabulous playwright Matthew Burlingame of Spanking Bea Arthur who adapted Recovery Mode and by the new Matt Crehan Higgins, Michael Hedges.

If in the Sacramento Area be sure to check out Recovery Mode presented by the Lambda Players

CACP – #53 – It’s A Quiet Thing

In this final episode of the 2nd Season, Marc makes a shocking proclamation…if his pants are off, he plans on getting off! Where could we possibly go from here? You’ll just have to find out.

Music in this episode includes It’s A Quiet Thing performed by Liza Minnelli available on iTunes.

CACP – #54 – Creamin In The New Year 2011

This bonus episode was originally presented LIVE on on December 31, 2010 – New Years Eve (Joey’s Birthday too).

Join us next week for the kick off of 3rd Season and our 1 year anniversary.

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