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  1. Ann-Marie Parker says:

    Episode #360 – I’m VERY behind on listening and I apologize cuz I love the show so much (it’s even worse that I’m behind on shows since I’m a Patreon patron). I was didn’t even get to finish listening to this episode before I had to email you, Donna. You were saying you needed a lot of dental work and wanted to be knocked the eff out for it. They DO that! There are dentists that DO that! I’ve had it done! You are looking for someone who performs “sedation dentistry”. And it doesn’t involve needles to knock you out. Sedation Dentists are the most wonderful people because they KNOW most of their patients are afraid or have not been to the dentist in a long time. They don’t scold or scare you for it either. I was so terrified of dentists that I had skipped a few regular checkups(ok, a LOT of them)and one of my molars with a filling in it just exploded while I was eating pizza one day. So now (not only was I embarrassed to say how many years it had been since I’d been to the dentist), but I was terrified and sobbing on the phone to the dentist. I ended up needing a crown for that issue, but also something called deep-cleaning for the rest of my teeth. Deep-cleaning takes about 5 hours and I was in a twilight sleep the entire time. You aren’t aware of anything going on and don’t remember much of anything that happened while you are under this sedation. You can follow directions while under the sedation. They send you home, after your consultation, with a pill you need to take 20 minutes before you come in to have dental work done. Then they give you another pill AT the dentist’s office. You will need to have someone drive you there and pick you up though cuz it’s not safe to drive yourself OR take the bus. And then you will sleep for about 3-5 hours when you get home. It was SUCH a positive experience that I haven’t missed any other dental appointments in 5 years. I’m not saying I love going to the dentist, but I love going to THIS dentist (and I’ve not had to be sedated since that first time). They are very respectful of your fear/wariness/prior inability to visit a dentist that when you go back. You may have to fill out what seems like a lot of paperwork at first, but they want to be sure they are serving you best (how you feel about your teeth, how past dental experiences have been, if you’ve ever hit/kicked/or bit a dentist). Check online reviews of offices that do Sedation Dentistry (people are VERY honest about their experience because we’re all in the same boat). There are few lower points than when I was on the phone to the dental receptionist, sobbing, and having to explain I wasn’t in pain – I was just terrified of the dentist AND I had a broken molar. Love you, love the show! Go have happy teeth!

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