CACP – #1 – They’re Here!

The day you never knew you were waiting for is here. The premier episode of Cocktails and Cream Puffs, hosted by Joey Bucheker and featuring Marc Sacco and Matthew Crehan Higgins. In this episode the boys “expose” their relationship and past adventures. This truly is a getting to know you episode.


CACP – #2 – We’re Back!!!

Betty White, RuPaul, and Male Hookers, OH MY! What more could you ask for in a gay podcast…or any podcast for that matter?


CACP – #3 – The Birth Of The Creamies!

The boys discuss the much anticipated Mariah Carey Concert along with the new “We Are the World” recording…hit or miss? MTV, music television, I think not and John Mayer…shut up! Plus so much more.

CACP – #4 – A Dingo Got My Creamie!

We are joined by our first in-studio guest, our sassy friend from down under, Wendy Cameron. This week the battle continues; Creamies vs. Cream Puffs. We discuss the top 5 actors of the decade and Wendy’s run in with the “Angel who wears Prada”. Whitney’s dying, Elizabethan porn actors, figure skating plus Vera Wang doesn’t always equal gay and here kitty kitty cooking. “That is all”.


CACP – #5 – Homo Detection Device Activated!

An episode filled with celebrities, has beens and up and comings. We discuss “hairy” situations and explore the new homo detection device, grindr. Like we needed a device!


CACP – #6 – And The Golden Creamie Goes To…

And the Golden Creamie goes to…The boys discuss the awards honoring the best and worst Hollywood has to offer. Joey again talks about his organ(s). Marc is declared a “vocal power house”, God help the rest of us. Matt’s worse nightmare comes true when he is told he should be on a reality show. And the Creamies get a glimpse at the men behind the curtain. Or rather the knockdown, drag out fight that tore down the curtain.

CACP – #7 – Getting Lucky With Number 7

Betty White has “Hot flashes in Cleveland” with new sitcom, the World Cup needs 1 Billion Condoms, GLAAD Award recipients are announced including lesbian comedian, Wanda Sykes, Betsy Carmichael pays a visit, and “Breaking News”…Sean Hayes is gay!?!


CACP – #8 – You Belong To Creamie!

They boys get the first interview with hottie YouTube sensation, Michael Pittman. Michael is the star of the gay remake of the Taylor Swift video, “You Belong to Me”, which was featured in The Advocate and Perez Hilton, and since this recording Entertainment Weekly. The devastating Oscar curse claims it’s latest leading lady, Joey acquires the “ultra vibe 2000”, Gaga gets sued, the Meth Diet vs. the Tape Worm Diet, China’s newest “petting zoo”, My Dick Sings, someone gets there first kiss and so much more!

See the video!


CACP – #9 – Memoirs Of A Gay-sha!

A show packed with Japanese sex dolls, animals acting out and Russian roulette!

The boys start off by admitting the first of many lies. Joey makes an unplanned public appearance, Marc courts an intern and Matt debuts, “Recovery Mode”.

Everyone wishes Mariah Carey a happy birthday, except for Justin Beiber. Playboy makes an offer to the “Vanilla Gorilla” to show the goods and Gaga hits a billion views on You Tube, and Donny Osmond is not happy.


CACP – #10 – He Bangs, He Bangs, Men!

For our 10th episode we received the greatest gift of all. Latino dreamboat Ricky Martin has officially come out as a gay man! A hot sensual gay man. A hot sensual gay with thighs that could crack walnuts. Oh my, is it hot in here? The answer is yes. In the Queen City it has been unseasonably warm, which has brought out the friskiness in the boys. Additionally in this jam packed installment we discuss the Material Mom cashing in on Material Girl even though she resisted for years. Dancing with the Stars receiving death threats!? Ellen DeGeneres gets her own comic book. Former Gov. Palin and her grand babies daddy, Levi battle it out in the reality show ratings, and watch out for “Ticked Off Trannies with Knives”.

Please be sure to vote daily for Pandora Boxx as RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2’s Miss Congeniality!!


CACP – #11 – The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia

In this episode we discuss the sudden passing of the smart and sexy Designing Women star Dixie Carter and also Meinhardt Raabe, the munchkin coroner from The Wizard of Oz. Jason calls Stritchy at the Carlyle, Joey’s “So excited” from our fan mail, and Marc is a “marked” man by the Kitty Mafia.

If that wasn’t enough now you have to make sure the restaurant actually owns that steak you’re eating, you can go to jail for an overdue DVD, smoking will put 10 years on your life (in jail), Elmo’s high, and beware of cows in the sewer.

“Georgia on My Mind” performed by Michael Buble from his album “Crazy Love” available on iTunes


CACP – #12 – The Return Of The Naughty Nanny From Down Under

Wendy Cameron is back as a guest co-host while Matt is recovering from a viscous case of cock puffs in sunny Florida. In this episode we share with you a clip from Whitney Houston’s widely anticipated “Kick the Crack Tour”. We also learn that Kim Cattrall is too hot to be a hooker, the new rules for Grindr aka the homo detection device, that gays have initiated the apocalypse starting with Iceland, pot does not make you fly, Wendy’s terrifying experience at an Oscar Party , and Kim Jong-il is a fashion icon!?


CACP – #13 – Reunited And It Feels So Good!

In this mega episode Matt returns from his To Wong Fu road trip and the show is back to full strength. Anderson Cooper is named one of the top 5 power gays. Wait, did we miss a coming out episode? Mariah Carey gets married again, and again, and again. The Power of Madonna is a hit, as if there was ever a doubt. William Shatner teams up with Thailand’s Susan Boyle for an emotional love song duet. Japan has its annual giant penis parade and I Saw Your Cock on Craigslist!

Music in this episode includes:

I Saw Your Cock on Craigslist by Jonny McGovern available on iTunes from his album Gay Pimp


CACP – #14 – Full Circle

This week’s episode began with the promise of a big star coming out of the closet. Rumored celebs included Anderson Cooper and Queen Latifah, however in reality it was a country music minor star, Chely Wright. Who? Yeah, that’s what we said. This week Cocktails and Cream Puffs are proud to announce that they have officially joined the Rainbow Podsquad Network. Also Sandra Bullock files for a divorce from Nazi loving husband, Jessie James and becomes a new mom. Mariah Carey gets a very expensive ring pop for her anniversary. Lindsey Lohan still refuses to be daddy’s little girl. The artist formally known as Courtney Love is not the spokeswoman on Earth for Kurt Cobain. An Asian restaurant turns away a dog because he’s gay, and Matt HATES Broadway!

Links to Podcasts we mentioned on today’s show:

Rainbow Podsquad Network

Spanking Bea Arthur

The Power Gay

Foxand the City


CACP – #15 – Ring Around The Rosie

In this episode we are visited by many of our fractured fairy tale friends including the inspiration for Mother Goose, Betsy Carmichael, the Itsy Bitsy Spider and a our favorite naughty guest. We explored the songs and stories that our parents told us as they put us to sleep as children and realized that they sound much more like a Stephen King premise. We also learned that if you are going to get drunk with friends make sure you set some ground rules or at least hide the aquarium. We shared the discovery of our new favorite past time, Pink Roulette, and of course…Betty White on Saturday Night Live!


CACP – #16 – Sweet Sixteen

In this episode Marc is gone and we are joined by our favorite guest co-host once again, the Naughty Nanny Wendy. This week was a break in the usual format because we opened up the Skype Line and had one brave Creamie call up to chat with us. During this very chatty episode we did announce that we would be joining in Pride 48 this year and in the process covered some Gay History. Additionally we discussed Wendy’s affinity for men with humps, the visit of the President to the Queen City, Joey’s new lez-tastic team, and the oldest surviving Ziegfeld Girl has died…or has she?

CACP – #17 – All My Single Creamies!

The Tenacious Trio is back again for another adventure. Marc has been liberated from his captor and is back! The boys celebrate that they are now in re-runs and syndication on Joey had Scarlet’s fine food at Scarlet, Marc has been nominated for an Artie Award, and Matt has been unfriended by a former trick on Facebook.

The artist formerly known as Courtney Love finger blasts and tells, Lindsay Lohan puts jail in layaway, Liza performs Single Ladies as only Liza can for Sex and the City 2, and Nicolette Sheridan has sour (Marc) Cherrys.

What does a chia-pet, Uncle Ben, and women’s foundation garments have in common? They are all ingredients for the perfect Asian News of the Week.

Throughout this episode Joey and Marc partook in an adult beverage and Joey became drunk. Enjoy!

Music in this episode includes:

Single Ladies performed by Liza Minnelli from the Sex and the City 2 album, available on iTunes.

CACP – #18 – Whatcha Talkin About Creamie?

Whatcha Talkin About Creamie? In this week’s installment the boys officially announce their live broadcast slot on… June 26th from Midnight – 1:30am EST! Be sure to join in the fun of the LIVE show. In this episode we discussed the recent death of former child star turned security guard turned Broadway character, Gary Coleman and the path to destruction of Lindsay Lohan as she turns to Chanel to help her accessorize the unsightly court order ankle bracelet. The Malawian couple is free thanks to Madonna. Elderly people were buried under trash. Kitty gets one hell of a bath. Matt protects truth, justice, and the gay way of life, Joey trains dogs with shovels and Marc gets an entourage. All this and more including a throw down over Mariah Carey and her latest poor decision…when a good role isn’t enough!

Music in this episode includes:

It Sucks to Be Me from the Avenue Q album, available on iTunes.

CACP – #19 – Thank You For Being A Friend, A Tribute to Rue McClanahan

In this special Tuesday episode of Cocktails and Cream Puffs we devote the entire show to the life and career of the Emmy Award winning actress, Rue McClanahan best known for her portrayals in Maude, Mama’s Family, Sordid Lives and of course The Golden Girls as our favorite man hungry Southern Belle, Blanche Devereaux.

CACP – #20 – The Fabulous Beekman Boy!

The Fabulous Beekman Boy! In this episode we are thrilled to interview the New York Times bestselling author, Josh Kilmer-Purcell. Josh began his career in New York City as a marketing executive by day and the glamorous drag queen, Aqua by night. These experiences produced the extraordinary memoir, “I’m Not Myself Theses Days”. Since his days as Aqua he took a turn at a fabulous fiction novel, “Candy Everybody Wants” and just this month his third book has come out “The Bucolic Plague”, sure to be another best seller. This book tells of his current life with his partner Dr. Brent Ridge as they trade in the city life to run a goat farm. Yes a goat farm! To take it a step further they are also the stars of their own reality TV show on Planet Green, “The Fabulous Beekman Boys.” What’s next for Josh, Dancing with the Stars? The NASA space program? With Josh, the sky’s the limit!

Check out The Fabulous Beekman Boys on Planet Green:

Click Here!

Get Josh Kilmer-Purcell’s Books:

Click Here!

CACP – #21 – Merde!

Without notice or warning this episode went to shit however with hysterical results! The boys are in rare form this week and perhaps have shared way too much. Marc is gearing up for Shakespeare in the Park or as Joey and Matt call it, the show that Marc does everyday in the blazing sun in a 3 piece suit. The boys have an Oprah’s Book Club moment and discuss Josh Kilmer-Purcell’s newest memoir, The Bucolic Plague and the anticipated premier of The Fabulous Beekman Boys. The Tony Awards hosted by hottie Sean Hayes in a Spider Man costume are discussed and without fail this results in the usual Broadway argument. Well, it doesn’t help that Ricky Martin and T.R. Knight are returning to the great white way. Also a woman uses 911 as a singles line, sex on picnic tables, and a girl giving that special favor to a classmate on the bus, SHIT!

CACP – #22 – Sex And The Queen City

You asked for it Creamies and we’re putting out. In this week’s episode the boys each share a best sex story from their colorful pasts. Is it warm in here? Pride 48 is almost here! The Cream Puffs announce that in addition to their Big LIVE show at 11:59pm EST on Friday June 25th, they are also doing a 2nd LIVE show at 6am EST on Sunday, June 27th (UK, Australian, and New Zealand listeners?). Please join us for the LIVE show(s) by going into the chat room at and interacting with us. We are excited and scared shitless. We need you!

P.S. Marc’s Birthday is tomorrow. Nudie pictures will be accepted in lieu of gifts.

CACP – #23 – Live!

For those of you who weren’t able to join us for the Pride 48 marathon, this week’s episode is the exact show that was heard LIVE on on Saturday June 26th. It is unedited and uncut for your pleasure. This was a night of firsts. Our first LIVE show, we discussed our first concerts and our first BJ experiences. It was also Marc’s Birthday, which was not a first.

Three old friends, two pitchers of mojitos, one chat room filled with devoted Creamies (and some brand new Creamie converts), and Naughty Nanny Wendy. We couldn’t have asked for more for our first LIVE show!

CACP – #24 – No Apologies!

This week we were joined by a very special guest; singer, songwriter, and hottie…Gary Andrews! Gary is the lead singer for the band, Kamikaze LTD and gay too. He not only shared his music with us including an acoustic in-studio performance but also his life stories, a bottle of wine, and a few frozen margaritas.

The Cream Puffs also reflected on the Pride 48 LIVE experience and the greatest performance of the Star Spangled Banner ever. Oh how the mighty have fallen down the “cracks”. Joey auditioned many many munchkins, Marc offered sex for a lower rent, Matt reflected on being the dancing queen, and Liza Minnelli made a special appearance on the Home Shopping Network. “Do you like the cloos?”

Music in this episode included:

“The Star Spangled Banner” performed by Whitney Houston, available on iTunes

Check out Gary Andrews at

CACP – #25 – You Get What You Pay For!

This episode is the Season One Finale of Cocktails and Cream Puffs (however you will get 2 new special episodes while we are on vacation). In just 24 weeks this podcast went from being just a dream to a reality heard in 35 states and 14 countries around the world! We are grateful for all our Creamies who took a chance on us. Thank you!

This week for your enjoyment we are joined by the always sassy and witty, Naughty Nanny Wendy and briefly by our musical guest, Gary Andrews and of course we are celebrating with actual cocktails and cream puffs!

If you like what you hear, please consider going to our website and making a small donation of $2 towards Season Two. Remember… You Get What You Pay For!

CACP – #26 – Recovery Mode!

While the boys are on hiatus, Naughty Nanny Wendy and Betsy Carmichael were supposed to share hosting duties of the show…Betsy however had different plans and was luckily foiled by Wendy.

In this very special installment of Cocktails and Cream Puffs we present for you an original spoken word piece written and performed by Matthew Crehan Higgins which was recorded live on March 26, 2010 at Gallery 464. Additionally, Wendy is still running our end of season donation drive and you will hear her first hand work her magic on a naughty Creamie.

CACP – #27 – First Impressions

The Cream Puffs are still on holiday for one more week but as promised they left their Creamies a brand new show. Well, brand new to most of you. During the Pride 48 weekend Cocktails and Cream Puffs actually did 2 live shows. The first was at the civilized time of 12 midnight and the second was at 6am! So for all of you Creamies who were in dreamland, we present to you the un-cut, unedited, bass voiced second LIVE on show with technical difficulties and all.

In this episode secrets are revealed and the boys share their first impressions of one another. As the old saying goes, “you never have a second chance to make a good first impression”…well, after all these years they must have done something right!

Be sure to tune in next week for the kick off of Season 2!

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