I (Joey) have always been a devoted fan of talk radio. Especially shock jocks like Howard Stern, Opie and Anthony and Don and Mike, and I always dreamed of having my own radio show. Well, one day, way after everyone else in the world had already known about it, I discovered podcasting and instantly fell in love with this new, unrestricted, and highly creative medium. Fast forward to Marc’s 30th Birthday Party. At the end of the night there was this large group of friends sitting in the backyard in a circle. This night was filled with quick and witty retorts, imitations, varying opinions, and above all hysterical laughter. It was that night that I decided on the cast for the project rapidly forming in my head.

The show was originally going to be called Sissified. That title was quickly found to be limiting and faded. Other top contenders included Naked Boys Podcasting, Sex and the Queen City, and Marc’s favorite The Reach Around. None of these were right. It needed to be like that night, friends sitting around with cocktails!

One night while discussed this over the phone Marc and I tossed names out at each other, “Cocktail Time”, “Drinks, Sex, Friends”, “Cocktail Chat”…”I still like the Reach Around”. “NO Marc” I said “Cocktails and …” Marc seeing a left over holiday treat on the kitchen table in complete jest screams “CREAM PUFFS!” That was it! We had a name.

Over the next few months the format and style of the show was inspired by three very different podcasts that I listened to religiously. They were Gay Pimpin’ with Jonny McGovern, Feast of Fools, and The Adam and Matty Show. (at this point I would also add Vera Speaks for Real, PNS Explosion, and The Mike O’Meara Show to my list of favorites and inspiration) Soon we were ready to record the pilot episode. And we did. And it was amazing. And then the computer lost the file!

Another year passed filled with planning, fighting and learning.

Then finally on February 8th 2010 the dream happened!

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