CACP – #205 – From the Cream Garden

Season 8 is here and we decided to do something we have never done before…a LIVE broadcast from the garden.  Cream Puff changes, fabulous weeks and a challenge to help get Gary to Vegas.  Think of it as our very own kick starter.  If we don’t hit our goal all your money comes back.  How badly do you want Gary at the underwear party?

Be sure to check out for all up to date info about the Las Vegas 5th Anniversary Weekend.


CACP – #206 – Twilight

With the sun going down we decided to light the tiki torches and do a second garden cast.

Gays have begun to boycott Russian vodka. Does this make a difference or is it just a waste of good booze?  Wendy goes to the movies and is consumed by “The Conjuring”, Gary does a gay poetry slam and Joey remembers his Aunt Dana.

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CACP – #207 – Thunder from Down Under

This episode is all Aussie all the time!  We have Wendy’s stunningly attractive and charming nephew, Tim in studio as he makes a pit stop in Buffalo on his around the country tour.  Tim shares with us how this vacation of a lifetime is possible and his opinion of America.


CACP – #208 – Satan’s Turd

With such a classy title, do you even need to know our discussion topics?  We’ll tell you anyway.  The Russian Olympic drama continues with no real end in sight.  We all need to show our solidarity.  Everyone take a page out of Amsterdam’s book.  To dance or not to dance that IS the question; father knows best and yes a phantom turd.

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CACP – #209 – Transitions

The T in LGBT is taking center stage this week with new progressive laws in Germany and California taking center stage.  Australia may already be ahead of the curve.  What defines gender?

The most important question of the week…Is Wendy pulling her weight?

Pride 48 is just around the corner, September 6th-8th at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.  For more information visit  Remember to mail in your postcards for our big drawing at the LIVE Las Vegas show.

CACP – #210 – An Evening with the Griffins

Pride 48 is just around the corner which means making lists and packing, packing, packing and of course Joey’s gown is MIA.  Please keep your eyes open for a cow or other barn yard animals in sequins.

This episode is filled to with listener voice mails…mostly Donna Suggarz and of course Wendy’s tantalizing tale of her weekend with the Griffins.

You too can join Donna and leave a message at 716-989-0189716-989-0189.

CACP – #211 – Vindication!

Thanks to Wendy’s hoarding, her record has finally been expunged.

Block parties, road trip nightmares, trapper keeper gowns, boredom of epic proportions and another Coach to the hoarding room.  Cryptic?  Guess you’ll just have to listen.


CACP – #212 – Erie PA Pride

Road trip!  Wendy and Joey journeyed two hours south to the other side of Lake Erie for Erie, Pennsylvania Pride.  It just goes to show that size doesn’t matter and as long as you have a drag queen dunk tank, your party is sure to be a hit.  Interesting people, new experiences and a reminder that our neighboring brothers and sisters are still fighting the battle for equality.

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Music from this episode includes Somewhere Over the Rainbow 2K11 available for download thru the Cocktails and Cream Puffs Amazon link.

CACP – #213 – Gay Days

An interview with the president of Gay Days, Chris Alexander-Manley.

For more information about Gay Days Las Vegas and Orlando visit

Music from this episode includes Believe performed by Cher available for download on Amazon.

CACP – #214 – Blurred Lines

Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” is indisputable the hottest song this summer.  However, if you listen closely to the song you’ll notice that some lyric are incomplete.  “You wanna hug me.  What rhymes with hug me?” Well, we have some options.

Also in this episode we shoehorn in everything from packing for Las Vegas to militant actions against haters to Syria…..and Gary gets a gift!

CACP – #215 – Pride 48 Las Vegas

If you missed it here is our Pride 48 5th anniversary show LIVE from the Excalibur Hotel and Casino on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip.

Thank you to everyone who was in our LIVE Las Vegas audience and everyone who joined us in the chat room.

Cocktails and Cream Puffs Pride 48 show was sponsored by the generous people at Flesh Jack.

CACP – #216 – Memories

Memories of Pride 48 2013 Las Vegas Weekend with special guest, Donna Suggarz.

CACP – #217 – This Place is a F#cking Mess

After a week of friends and fun we must also face loss and pain as Joey speaks out about the suicide of a friend and the passing of his precious kitty cat.  Don’t fret.  Thanks to bourbon, Suggarz and the wise cracking nanny, laughter returns.  Life is too short damn short to waste.

CACP – #218 – From Russia with Love

Rejoice Cocktails and Cream Puffs can still be heard in Russia!  On the negative side of that ruble we have been declared enemies of the Republic.  Guess we can’t win them all.  On a more serious note we did receive correspondence from a Russian Creamie who provided his unique prospective of the Anti-Gay Laws in Russia.  Then somehow the show went on an unplanned yet eye opening intervention.

CACP – #219 – Chat Room Silence

Stunts, car crashes, porn and an in-depth discussion of ejaculation.  What makes the chat room go silent?  You’ll just have to listen and find out for yourself.

CACP – #220 – Turn My Mic…

With the government shut down looming Cocktails and Cream Puffs vows not to suspend any services at this time of uncertainty.  In this episode we discuss our general disappointment with our government officials, the Barilla pasta controversy, the government again, then pasta again.  Okay, we were caught in a loop but will still never shut down.


CACP – #221 – Directionally Challenged

This week’s episode includes Wendy’s epic road trip, thought provoking listener mail, blasphemy day and a special update from David Moore, founder of Marriage Equality for Pennsylvania.

Please check out and help Pennsylvania to achieve Equality.


CACP – #222 – Can You Hear Us?

For today’s adventure, Wendy and Gary will be your conductors.  Please remain seated as they tend to ride off the rails.

This week’s topics include: what to wear for Halloween and where to but it (Amazon of course!), Les Miserables finally opens after a few hurdles and Gary shares his story for National Coming Out Day.  The People’s Choice Podcast Award nominations have closed.  Thank you to everyone who supported us.

October 17, 2013 is Spirit Day.  Please wear your purple to support LGBT youth and speak out against bullying.


CACP – #223 – No, No, No, No, No No No!

After a grueling hell week Les Miserable is in full swing and brought the house down…well, the fire curtain.  Later, Joey and Gary have an intense discussion.


CACP – #224 – Kicking Rocks

It’s official, New Jersey is the 14th state to legalize marriage equality.  Gary and Wendy LIVE on Pride48 discuss their personal wedding days.  Also: What’s up with these mouse traps, some T.V. talk, and please follow the rules and leave nature better than when you found it.


CACP – #225 – Faceless Faces

America’s favorite past time is it still baseball or homophobia?  Wendy stays one step ahead of the INS, Gary runs with scissors and Joey receives a gift from the heart.  Also a Walking Dead Spoiler (not really).


CACP – #226 – The Art of Sex

A young gay artist has decided to put his virginity or loss thereof on display for the world to see.  Please be advised this event is one night only.

The musical world laments the passing of Lou Reed and the fact that Chris Brown is still an embarrassment.

Bursting water heaters, punctuality, identical triplets and so much more.

Thank you to everyone who nominated us for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards in the category of GLBT.  Voting begins Nov. 1st.   Please vote DAILY at


CACP – #227 – Do You Hear the People Sing?

This is the last episode about Les Miserable…promise  This episode contains musical numbers from the recent Theatre in the Mist production of Les Miz directed by Joey Bucheker.

Jelly Bellies will never again touch our lips, TANYS Awards and when is someone is the public eye obligated to come out?

Let your voices be heard and Please VOTE daily for Cocktails and Cream Puffs for Best GLBT for the Podcast Awards and tell a friend!


CACP – #228 – Buffalo’s Queen of Comedy

It’s all about our special guest Kristen Becker, a comedian who happens to also be an out lesbian (with stunning eyes).  Becker consistently wins the hearts of all audiences, straight and gay alike, with her unapologetic humor. Her childhood, divided between the Rust Belt and the Deep South, has left her uniquely able to connect with all manner of people. Becker’s ability to win the affection of such a wide range of audiences is due to her understated southern charm juxtaposed against a raucous and powerful persona. She is truly a comic of the people.

To find out more about Kristen visit

CACP – #229 – Gayest Baby Ever!

Our special guest, comedian Kristen Becker decided to stick around for a second episode to discuss how to become a comedian 101 and to take Joey and Gary on a special guided field trip.

Hallmark has replaced the word gay with fun on a Christmas ornament; was this meant to avoid or attract controversy?  Discovering new planets, planning the perfect non-Christian Christmas and Joey and Kristen discuss starting a family…together!?

There are only a few days left, please VOTE daily at for Cocktails and Cream Puffs for GLBT.

To find out more about Kristen Becker visit

Learn more about Dykotomy and consider helping fund the project at


CACP – #230 – Seeing Eye Cat

Today we reflect and thank the brave men and women who have served our country on this Veteran’s Day.

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate…it’s not all about you.  The blind leading the blind…and a visit from the Olympic Torch.

CACP – #231 – I Love This Guy

If only Chris Farley was alive today to see the prime material Mayor Tom Ford was tossing up for grabs.  It may not help the people of Toronto but it may have brought humor back to SNL.   What will this train-wreck do next?

Why in our society are some hateful slurs “more” offensive than others?  Why is the n-word a career ender but fag is forgivable?   Are we not reacting enough or as a society are we just over reacting to people being people?

The Holidays are quickly approaching.  A great way to support the show is by checking out our sponsors especially Amazon for all your Black Friday shopping and be sure to sign up for your 2013 Christmas card!


CACP – #232 – Alive After HIV

December 1st is World AIDS Day and this year’s theme is “Shared Responsibility: Strengthening Results for an AIDS-Free Generation.”

To play our part we bring to you a candid discussion about living with HIV/AIDS  with Gary sharing his real life insights and with special guest, James Mikula, a HIV Clinical Pharmacy Specialist answering questions and filling in the gaps.  This is part 1 of a 2 part interview.

Know your status.  Get Tested Today!

Still have questions?  Email us at

CACP – #233 – Still Alive After HIV

A continuation of episode #232 discussing living with HIV/AIDS in the 21st with special guest, James Mikula, a HIV Clinical Pharmacy Specialist answering questions and filling in the gaps between fact and myth.

Know your status.  Get Tested Today!


CACP – #234 – The Daley Report

Earlier this year media outlets reported that U.K. Olympian, Tom Daley stated he was not gay in an interview.  This was not exactly an accurate statement and because of it Daley bravely took to YouTube to set the record straight and declare to the world he was in fact bisexual and in a relationship with a man.  This episode explores this life changing announcement and societies view on bisexuality.  Of course it also de-evolves into an argument about religion but not really about religion for hopefully the last time.


CACP – #235 – Buying Time

Even though this year was a less violent Black Friday than in years past, is it really the most appropriate way to kick off the season of thankfulness and goodwill with leaving your family to go out and battle it out for a giant screen TV?  Maybe Amazon has the right idea by sending drones to you.

In 2014 we are launching Wendy back out on the dating scene under (the) covers with the V-Cam in hopes of exposing hypocrisy and Wendy’s girlie parts.  In the meantime she continues to dig out until her extended New Year’s Eve deadline.  Old movie review or reviews on old movies and some people just don’t know the value of a dollar, even when it’s their job.  All of this and more.


CACP – #236 – Yes Gary, There is a Santa Claus!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  The snow is falling, homes are decorated with twinkling lights, the smell of pine and merriment permeate the air and little children everywhere are anticipating the arrival of the big man in the red suit, hoping beyond hope that they will end up on his “nice list”.  However, amidst the hustle and bustle after a tantrum or outburst we have all heard the stressed parent’s go to, “I’m going to call Santa”.  Well, this year they won’t have to because he has help with the dreaded NSA trained, Elf on a Shelf!

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CACP – #237 – Flames on the Side of My Face

This episode is wrought with the trials and tribulations of Joey’s life.  If that wasn’t enough… we also explored the hijinks at President Mandela’s funeral, the entertainment factor of George W, Australia outlawing all gay marriages past, present and future, Gary’s going to television and the return of Wendy’s arch-enemy, the dreaded snow plow.


CACP – #238 – Christmas Spectacular 2013

It’s Gary’s first Christmas Spectacular!  We want to thank everyone for their holiday greetings and cards.  From all of us to all of you, have a Very Merry Christmas!


CACP – #239 – Holiday Burn Out

Christmas has come and gone and we are exhausted.  Enough said.  Actually, not enough said Joey met Hal Sparks!  Now enough said.


CACP – #240 – Creamin in the New Year 2014

After a fantastic New Year’s Eve dinner we’ve come together again to count down the new year LIVE on Pride48.  Memories of 2013 and hopes and wishes for 2014.

Thank you to everyone for a terrific 2013 and here’s to an even better 2014!


CACP – #241 – Call on Dolly! : An Interview with Richard Skipper

This week we proudly present an interview with performer/blogger/producer, Richard Skipper that we guarantee will leave every “theatre geek” begging for more!

Mr. Skipper has conducted over 700 interviews for his blog celebrating people in the arts and is currently focused on celebrations to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Hello, Dolly!, based also in part on his website chronicling the Broadway classic.

Richard Skipper headlined three highly successful runs in Atlantic City at Trump’s Taj Mahal and The Hilton. Richard Skipper has also performed at the 21 Club at the request of Arlene Dahl, The Regent (special performance for Carol Channing!). Le Cirque for Joey Adams’ 85th Birthday; on numerous occasions for the NY Post’s gossip columnist Cindy Adams; as a guest star in “The Impersonators” with Jamie deRoy at The Friar’s Club, The New York Historical Society with Claire Bloom, Donna McKechnie, Hayley Mills, Tony Roberts, and George Shearing and a “Get Out And Vote” Rally for New Jersey’s late Senator Lautenberg with Dr. Quinn’s Chad Allen, Activist James Dale and the late Rue McClanahan; He has also shared the stage with Carol Channing on more than one occasion.

For more about Richard Skipper visit


CACP – #242 – Evidence of Hypocrisy

We survived the Polar Vortex to bring you the final LIVE show of season 8.  This episode kicked off the weight loss tattoo challenge between Wendy and Joe with the dreaded weight in and the finalist for the #1 Creamie for 2014 have been announced.  Let the games begin!


CACP – #243 – Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

This week Joey is joined by his MOM as they discuss their adventures in New York City celebrating the 50th Anniversay of Hello, Dolly! on Broadway including the one night only performance of Justin Vivian Bond and Broadway Legend CAROL CHANNING!


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