CACP – #168 – The Wendy and Joe Show

We’ve made it to SEASON 7!  Well, half of us have made it.

The Super Bowl (which we are told is some type of sporting event) has come and gone and the long anticipated commercials were so lack luster that we had to actually watch the game.  What is this world coming to?  Beyonce’s half time show looked great but the sound was dreadful.  This is why people lip-sync.  Who do you think did it better, Madonna or Beyonce and which member of Destiny’s Child kicked out the extension cord?

Fucking Men has finally had its New York premier and Wendy was shocked that there was so much fucking, which is understandable.  The title is so misleading.

Finally and most importantly the contestants for the #1 Creamie for 2013 contest have been announced and given their first task.  Let the hunger games begin and may the fiercest bitch win!


CACP – #169 – Bigger, Harder, Longer

As we blow out the candles celebrating our 3rd year, we want to take this time to thank everyone who has come back week after week and taken this journey with us. We are very grateful to your devotion and look forward to continuing our adventures together.

This week began with Fucking Men just as every episode should. Wendy claims she didn’t look at any naughty bits but we all know the truth. She also shared her new mantra and how she is trying to find a balance between moist and dry. Joey completed work on the film “Give and Take” and is to direct Les Miserables in the fall. However, after taking a Creamie call he may begin to workshop a new women’s rights musical, “RvW”. A very special NYC “meet and greet” has been announced and the News should offend everyone, especially Asians.

The #1 Creamie contest is heating up. Be sure to show support for your candidate and help them take the crown. Oh yes, there will be a crown.


CACP – #170 – The Boys are Back in Town

This is the week of holidays with Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, Lent, and Valentine’s Day upon us. What are you giving up for Lent? It appears the Catholic Church is giving up the Pope. Joey decided to go big chocolate and booze is for wimps, he’s giving up masturbation. What could be more Catholic than denying yourself enjoyment? Matt dazzles us with the Six Seasons of Shopping, and Marc contends with an upstaging Diva Spider.

Hey did you get your Valentine a gift? It’s not too late. Click on the Amazon link at and you can have a gift certificate sent to your loved one’s email in a snap. No stores, no lines, no stress, lots of love!


CACP – #171 – You Don’t Act Right

Ever send a picture of your naughty bits to a stranger and then instantly regret it because you know you have become a part of a collection that he shares with anyone who asks? Don’t you wish it would just self destruct secret agent style right after they look at it? Well, we may have the perfect app for you.

This week contains a merriment of topics including: personal sex tapes, the Grammys, another night of comedy, family members doing the same thing we did at their age and congrats to Marc and You Tube sensation Sweet Brown on their new jobs.


CACP – #172 – The Sky is Falling

Something interesting happened in Siberia. A very shitty cruise vacation.  Prison in Australia is redundant.  Canada doesn’t have the balls and Old Queens.  Now Discuss


CACP – #173 – Drink the Happy Aid

This week Wendy brought in her apparatus from home for Joey to experience.  Get your heads out of the gutter it’s not what you think, it’s worse.  Las Vegas, Auntie Bess, and a special guest for The News.

CACP – #174 – The Oscars

This episode we recap the event formerly known as the Academy Awards.  What did you think of Seth Mac Far lane, did he go too far or not far enough?  Where you surprised with any of the winners?  Who wore it best?  As a tribute to movie musicals, was it the Gayest Oscars of all time?  Finally, are you Team Joey or Team Marc on your opinion of Kristen Stewart at the Oscars?  So many questions, so little time.

CACP – #175 – Free Pass

If you could have anyone is the world as a “free pass”, who would you choose?  In this episode the boys fight over the same toy, discuss their postpartum theater depression and give some task results of the #1 Creamie for 2013.

CACP – #176 – The #1 Creamie for 2013

White smoke is flowing out of the Cocktails and Cream Puffs Studio and that can only mean one thing…the #1 Creamie for 2013 has been chosen!  To make this celebration even better we were joined by a special “surprise” guest and answer your Creamie questions.

CACP – #177 – Everybody Wants to Be Us

What could possibly be more fun than Joey and Donna Suggarz in the Big Apple?  Broadway, booze, boys and lots of laughter.  It was truly a Wicked time.

CACP – #178 – Bada Bing Bada Boom

With the recent announcement of Pope Francis the First we present to you “Catholic Chat” including the Vatican’s recent purchase of Italy’s largest gay bath house.  This is sure to help their image.

Prince Harry has a very open mind, The Queen does not say hello or goodbye, Wendy gives her side of the story and Mike Lawson does it again.

Remember, bullying comes in many forms.  Be aware and be better than.

CACP – #179 – Baby’s First Queef

Really do you need much more than the title?  If so, we have listener questions, dead car batteries and iPads playing possum.

CACP – #180 – Working Without a Net

How much would you be willing to pay for a seat to the Supreme Court as they hear arguments for Prop 8 and the Defensive Marriage Act?  FYI, you could get a pair of Madonna tickets cheaper.  A bit of Gay News of a boy burned to death reminds us of what we are fighting for.

Also, Wendy has a rant, Joey is exhausted and IF…

CACP – #181 – Maintain Your Dignity

This week Joey and Wendy desperately try to bring the funny in the absence of co-hosts, Marc and Matt.  All serious discussion was left at the door.

A Tim Horton’s “Roll Up the Rim” rant, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, IF… and a ground breaking tool to wipe your ass.

CACP – #182 – While the Cat’s Away

Marc and Matt are back but this time Joey’s gone…people are going to start talking.  After minor technical difficulties we find out what the boys have been up to and Wendy has a new man in her life

CACP – #183 – Mystery Package

We received 2 mystery packages over the weekend in the P.O. Box labeled “Happy Easter”…What could possibly go wrong?  Also, car troubles, our new website is launched and Kitty Kat Update.

This episode was recorded LIVE on Pride 48 hours after the Boston Marathon Bombing.  At the time of this recording the facts were limited.  Our hearts and thoughts go out to the victims and their families of the horrific act of terror.

CACP – #184 – No Beaver Shots

New commercials possibly too crude for TV, to brassiere or not to brassiere, a touching and all too familiar coming out story and always ask before snapping a picture of that magnificent beaver.

Music from this episode includes “Otto Titsling” from Beaches available thru our Amazon link for download.

Please help us make a difference and make a donation to Walk A Mile in Her Shoes.

CACP – #185 – It’s Unlisted

This week’s LIVE show opened with a discussion about the kill and capture of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects and how this event had brought out the very best and the very worst in people.

Also, Wendy has a little problem, Rex (aka Upward Kitty) has a blood lust, Marc breaks another heel and Joey gets a wrong number.

If you take nothing else from this episode, please don’t cook with diet soda.  The more you know.

CACP – #186 – A Bag of Quarters

Podcasting under the influence is never recommended but here goes nothing.  Ever want to reach out and touch someone?  Now you can with remote control underwear you can.  Ryan Lochte has his own reality show!  What are we doing wrong?  Also, sex in space, big cats in little bathrooms, sexy thumb sucking and an apology.

CACP – #187 – You So Lacist

The first pro athlete from a major American sport has come out gay.  What does this mean for the future and could we switch to Australian Rules Football?  The uniforms are much cuter.

Marc asks Wendy and Joey to teach him a politically incorrect accent.  What could possibly go wrong?

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

CACP – #188 – No I Take

Keeping with our continuing multicultural initiative with the help of a special guest we pay tribute to Cinco de Mayo.  May is also National Masturbation Month.  Are you doing your part to spread awareness?  Nanny bashing, news, apologizes and contest winners.

CACP – #189 – Stieglitz

We are joined this week by a returning guest co-host, Gary Andrews-Stieglitz.  Some of you may remember Gary as the lead singer of Kamikaze Ltd, or perhaps as Matt’s love interest in Recovery Mode or as the victim of Wendy’s Colt 44.  Regardless, he’s back and is pursuing a new calling.

Congrats to the people of Minnesota for securing their place in history becoming the 12th state to stand for equality.

CACP – #190 – Bend Over Like Beckham

This week Marc is in the pilot seat and is joined by co-pilot Wendy and sassy steward, Gary.  Hold tight because it is going to be a bumpy ride filled with the Billboard Music Awards, the sexy David Beckham and more tales of Wendy’s pussy…cat.

CACP – #191 – Full House

This is not a good hand of cards nor is it a 90’s TV show from the TGIF line up.  Instead it’s a really hot studio packed with all the Cream Puffs and special guests, Christina of Greetings from Nowhere and the #1 Creamie for 2013, Zombie Girl TJ.

CACP – #192 – Hostile Takeover

A very special Cocktails and Cream Puffs therapy session as Wendy and Gary take you on a roller coaster of emotions and a recap of Buffalo Pride.

Music from this episode includes “Please Don’t Ask Me Your Name” from the album Roadsigns for Astronauts by The Fountains featuring Gary Andrews.  For the full song or album visit iTunes.

CACP – #193 – Wendy’s Drug Problem

Theatre has the ability to entertain, educate and/or inspire an audience.  It is a rare occurrence when a piece has the ability to achieve all three.  The Normal Heart is that exception and for that reason should be mandatory viewing for all gay men under the age of 40.  In a not so distant past our community endured a plague and the world remained silent.  We have come such a long way but HIV/AIDS is still out there and should not be ignored or underestimated.  Those who do not learn their history are doomed to repeat it.

And, Wendy’s drug problem.

Music from this episode includes “Seasons of Love” from the original Broadway Cast of RENT

CACP – #194 – We Meet Again

This episode is all about first impressions.  From an audition to a sanatorium, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression and you never know who you’ll meet again.

Be sure to mark your calenders… The Pride 48 5th Anniversary Gay Pride Podcasting Weekend kicks off on Friday June 21st at 8:30 EST and runs through Sunday June 23rd at 8pm EST.  24 GLBTA shows will be participating this year and it is a great chance to discover some new shows.

Cocktails and Cream Puffs will be taking the stage LIVE at 11pm EST. on Friday the 21st.  For more information visit

CACP – #195 – Supreme Decisions

The anticipated rulings from The Supreme Court on the Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8 have inspired some spirited debates.  Combine religion, politics and power.  What could possibly go wrong?  Remember when this was a comedy show with  good audio?

Please join us LIVE at 11pm EST on Friday for the 5th Annual Pride 48 Marathon.  Log into and play along in the chat room.

CACP – #196 – Hasa Diga Eebowhat?

Pride 48 Weekend Pre-Game!

Enuff said.  Join in the fun June 21-23 at

CACP – #197 – Late Night

The 5th Anniversary Pride 48 LGBT Podcasting Marathon was an enormous success.  Thank you to everyone who participated, listened and joined in the chat room.

This episode is from the opening night of the marathon, June 21-23.

CACP – #198 – Procrastinaysha

This past weekend was jam packed with fabulousity but exhausting as you will hear in our voices.  Not only was it Pride 48 Weekend but also the Ride for Roswell and the Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

CACP – #199 – Bargain Discount

We’re #2 and proud of it!  Cocktails and Cream Puffs was rank #2 Gay Comedy Podcast by  We thank you for your recognition.

This week we discuss everything from Big Brother to the historical rulings from the US Supreme Court and everything in between.

As we approach episode 200 we want to thank everyone for their constant support over the years.  When this show was born none of us could have dreamed the world of equality and acceptance we are living in now.  THANK YOU!


It’s the big 200th episode!!!  This week we discuss Toronto Pride and how it may be the American Pride of the future.   We also explain the ins and outs of the “bath house”, Wendy’s boobs and Gary’s newest musical project.

And what exactly does LGBTIQQ2SA stand for anyway?

CACP – #201 – Indiana Joey

You wanted a lively show?  Well, you got it!  Cleveland’s largest pride celebration was interrupted by a pack of fallen angels, Wendy and Joey fought, the Weiner debates continue, CBS stepped up it’s game and Wendy and Joey fought.

Please consider becoming an organ donor.  Your gift could change someone’s life forever.

CACP – #202 – The Pineapple Princess

Another show about nothing.  Wendy nearly over heats, Gary is put on the spot to perform, Joey workshops a game plan for his future appearance on Big Brother, the studio’s for sale and calls from Hawaii.

CACP – #203 – Sum Ting Wong

The heat wave continues in the Cream City.  Be considerate in the meantime and get a pair of new scented underwear.  You’re co-workers will thank you.

Asian names were incorrectly reported after the Asiana plane crash.  Good joke, bad timing or just plain racism?  Russia outlaws all gay activities.  Will the Winter Olympics be safe for the Gay Olympians or should Team USA pull out?  Finally, we say goodbye to a young actor who left his mark on a generation.  RIP Corey Monteith.

CACP – #204 – Powdered Milk

For the final episode of Season 7 we had a merriment of guests including Broadway legend Carol Channing, Betsy Carmichael and HM Queen Elizabeth II.  Of course, the topics were just as diverse including stories of past Presidents, fat Mexicans, the Royals, old chicken feet and everything in between.

Please, go to: to nominate Carol Channing to be the recipient of the Kennedy Center Honor Award.

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