What is a podcast?

A podcast put most simply is an online radio or television show. Podcasts are available in practically every type of genre one can imagine. Since they are on the internet they are not regulated or subject to scrutiny by the FCC or other like organizations. Most podcasts are free and just a download away. ITunes is an outstanding home to thousands of free podcasts.

Do I need an iPod to listen to the show?

No you can listen on an iPod, mp3 player, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, iPad, or just any computer. Just click the play link on our website and listen instantly.

Are the shows really free?

Yes 100% FREE. However any and all donations are gratefully accepted via our pay pal link or by purchasing something at our store.

What is a “Creamie”?

A “Creamie” is the affectionate name we refer to our followers as. We are the Cream Puffs!

Is the Naughty Nanny really a nanny?

Yes, Wendy was certified at the prestigious Australian Nanny School.

How can I help support the show?

There are many ways you can support us.

1. Make a donation. $2 – $100, we’ll take anything.

2. Share us with a friend.

3. Buy show merchandise at our store.

4. Join our facebook group.

5. Finally and most importantly, LEAVE A COMMENT/RATING ON ITUNES. By leaving a comment and star rating on iTunes you allow us better visibility!

Why should I subscribe on iTunes?

By subscribing on iTunes every time we post a new show it will automatically download to you.

Can I get individual episodes?

Yes, individual episodes are always available on our website or on iTunes.

When are new shows posted?

A brand new episode is posted EVERY Wednesday and Saturday or you can listen to us record LIVE on Pride48.com at 9pm ET every Monday.

Can I listen to past episodes?

Yes! You can find all of our past episodes at www.cocktailsandcreampuffs.com under the tab “podcast”. Individual episodes are also available on iTunes.

Why are the shows listed by seasons rather than years?

Since Cocktails and Cream Puffs prides itself on putting out a weekly scheduled episode, they choose to break up the year into 24 week increments much like TV seasons. Each season will consist of minimally 24 episodes. At the end of every season the Cream Puffs take off 2 weeks to vacation and re-energize.

What is Pride 48?

Pride48.com is a website server that was original established in 2009 as a forum to host 48 hours of GLBT and GLBT friendly LIVE podcasting which has since become a yearly weekend event in Las Vegas in September.

Currently Cocktails and Cream Puffs is LIVE every Monday at 9pm ET.  Join in the fun and interact with us via the chat room!

Click here to visit the Pride48 website!

What is the The Rainbow Podsquad Network?

The Rainbow Podsquad Network is a coalition of 13 GLBT Podcasts from around the world of which Cocktails and Cream Puffs is a member.

How can I contact you?

Go to our website and click the Contact tab. There you will find all of our contacts.

I want to be on your show or know someone who would be perfect…

Great! Email the executive producer at mail@cocktailsandcreampuffs.com

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