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Matt is a little bit good at a lot of things. Buffalo United Artists’ production of his play Confessions, was the most honored offering at the 2004 Columbus National Gay & Lesbian Theatre Festival, taking four awards including Best Original Script and Best of the Festival.Other original work includes the stage adaption of Eric Marcus’s Making Gay History and The Casual Sex Diary. Most recently, he wrote and performed The Pipes are Calling: An Elegy to Dan Higgins, Sr., a reflection on coming to terms with his grandfather’s dementia. At present he is working with three other artists/writers to compile The Bottom Monologues. He lives in a suburb of Buffalo, NY with boyfriend Ken and can juggle while eating an apple.

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  1. Chris L says:

    Hi Matt,
    I just discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and have been loving it ever since. Today I listened to episode 26 (Recovery Mode, first of all, you were amazing, much like Wendy and Betsy you have me laughing at some points and teary eyed at others (I was at work, so this made quite a show for my co-workers watching me silently go through emotions lol). Anyway, there was one particular part which really struck a cord with me and compelled me to write. When you got to the part about seeing them in the newspaper…I had a very similar thing happen to me with my third relationship but the first bf I could really see myself with. He too was in the closet and we met online, skip forward to our first date in public…I (like I do with many of my friends) checked in on facebook and tagged him, I then got a lengthy talking to about how I should delete it and never do it again and how it would raise questions with his family, ect., so I did. Not a week later did I start seeing all these posts (he wasn’t to facebook savvy and didn’t know how posts work)from another guy who was tagging him and posting pics and videos of them at restaurants, the park, ect., ….well I’ve already gotten into a rant, point was that I knew the feeling and felt your pain. Your dialogue connected with me at several other points, but this is the one that really stuck out to me. I’m truly glad it ended with you meeting Ken, and I’m looking forward to meeting mine.
    Best Wishes

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