CACP – #279 – Season 10

We’re back for Season 10 refreshed and ready to go.   Lay’s is holding the new flavor challenge again this year and we decided to do a taste test of the interesting new concoctions.  Pride 48 Las Vegas is just around the corner and we discussed everything you need to know.  Finally, we said goodbye to the toughest old broad of Broadway, Elaine Stritch.

Music from this episode is from Elaine Stritch at Liberty, available on Amazon.


CACP – #280 – Sharknado…Really?

Sharknado 2 just broke all viewer records on Syfi.  The movie bills itself as a B thriller when in reality it’s  D or E car wreck.  But just like most car wrecks, you can’t take your eyes of it.  Why do we care???  It was filmed in Buffalo.  Proud moment.

This week Donna discusses her transition to homemaker, Wendy gets a very unexpected new tenant and Joey loses his most loyal kitty cat Jeffrey from his battle with cancer however someone new has walked into his life just when he needed him most.  “When God closes a door he opens a window”


CACP – #281 – Oh Captain My Captain

After receiving the shocking news right before we went LIVE on we reflect on the life of actor/comedian, Robin Williams.  A new app has come out to tell you how safe your neighbor is or isn’t.  Is this a useful tool or just racist?  Also we explore our weeks and anticipate the newest Dr. Who.

Music from this episode includes A Friend Like Me from the Soundtrack of Aladdin available for download thru Amazon.


CACP – #282 – The Home for Wayward Ladies

An interview with the author of The Home for Wayward Ladies, Jeremy Scott Blaustein.  Mr. Blaustein is a Drama Desk and Outer Critics Circle Award nominated producer.  He worked on numerous Broadway shows including The Merchant of Venice, A Life in the Theatre, HAIR, Blithe Spirit, You’re Welcome America, and August: Osage County.  He received his BFA from Shenandoah University.  The Home for Wayward Ladies is his first novel.

The Home for Wayward Ladies is available in both paperback and Kindle thru our AMAZON link.

Find Jeremy Scott Blaustein on Facebook at or follow him on twitter at @JSBlaustein


CACP – #283 – Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is all the rage raising awareness and millions of dollars for Lou Gehrig’s disease.  The Cream Puffs have been called out and of course proudly answered the challenge.   Please do your part and consider making a donation at

Also this week…Wendy discovers she doesn’t live in Upstate New York, Gary was murdered, Joey’s hanging with Mr. Cooper and Donna jets to California and back for a family visit and of course lunch at Del Taco.

Check out our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos on our YouTube page.

CACP – #284 – Save the Date

This week’s episode includes an interview with Mischa Badasyan, the European performance artist who plans on having “sex” with a different man every day for a year with his project entitled Save the Date!

Also more Vegas talk, a new Creamie calls in (spoiler alert, he doesn’t know Marc and Matt are gone) and questions from an aspiring Drag King.

To learn more about Mischa, check him out at:

CACP – #285 – I’m So Excited

We’re so excited about so many upcoming events first and foremost being the unauthorized Saved by the Bell Lifetime movie!  Finally we find out who slept with whom (allegedly) at Bayside High and what other naughty adventures Zack, Slater, Kelly, Screech, Jessie and Lisa got themselves into.

We also reveal some of the Emmy winners, play a little game to see what was lurking on Wendy’s computer and yes we are still excited about Pride 48, Las Vegas!


CACP – #286 – Grilling Party

Labor Day has arrived imposing its yearly ban on all things white in our wardrobes and signaling the unofficial end of summer.  It also means that it’s time for one more BBQ!  For those of you who can’t stand listening to people eat, you’re out of luck.  You name it; we grilled it and then ate it.  This week’s episode is filled with conversations around the dinner table and listener questions.  Good food, good friends, good times.

CACP – #287 – Missionary

The end of the summer cook-out was so much fun that we all agreed we should do it again.  Perhaps a monthly Big Gay Movie Night/Dinner Party…Mommie Dearest, Valley of the Dolls, Edge of Seventeen.  Suggestions are welcome.  We also continued with listener questions, many of which were not appropriate for the dinner table including someone’s use of a toilet in their sex life.  Free passes, Orlando Bloom, stolen celebrity nude pics and so much more.

CACP – #288 – Can We Talk?

We remember and sadly say goodbye to comedy legend, Joan Rivers.   Joan’s career span over six decades and all started with her appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  Over the years Joan has been able to remain relevant due to her unwavering work ethic and her ability to adapt and evolve over the years.  Joan’s comedy change from self-deprecating humor to the biting “what everyone was already thinking” style.  Besides her multiple plastic surgeries she was known best for hosting every red carpet, Fashion Police, her wildly successful jewelry line on QVC, winning the Celebrity Apprentice and her catch phrase “Can We Talk?” from her Emmy Award winning daytime talk show.  Not to mention being the inspiration for most famous female comedians today including Kathy Griffin, Margaret Cho and Sarah Silverman.  Let the battle for the new queen commence.  Can’t you just hear Joan saying “fight it out bitches!”

The Red Carpet will never be the same again.

R.I.P.  Joan Rivers (1933-2014)

CACP – #289 – Viva Las Vegas!

The 6th Annual Pride48 Weekend broadcasting LIVE from the Excalibur Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip!

CACP – #290 – Las Vegas Recap: Part 1

***Please Note***  This is our first show back in the studio since our return from Las Vegas for which we transported all of our equipment.   Settings and levels need to be readjusted and regretfully for the first 13 minutes of the show there was a loose wire.  We were able to fix this thanks to the chat room and we apologize for any inconvenience but we encourage you to push through it.  Thank you.

As the title states this is a recap of the Pride48 Las Vegas Weekend.  The team is recharged and full of piss and vinegar.  We dare you not to laugh or at least giggle at the chaos.

CACP – #291 – Las Vegas Recap: Part 2

This is a continuation of the last episode discussing Pride48 Las Vegas 2014.   By the end of this you’ll be saving up your pennies so you can join us next year and make memories of your own.  All listeners are encouraged to attend.

CACP – #292 – The Ruling/Non Ruling

Today the US Supreme Court made a historic ruling via non ruling resulting in 30 states now having legalized same-sex marriage.  It’s just a matter of time.

This week Donna, Joey, Wendy and a really annoying drunk straight girl had the great please of seeing the amazing talents of Margaret Cho and Selene Luna.   Gary on the other hand is brushing up his Mozart and has a positive concept for a future endeavor.

CACP – #293 – Short-Term Memory Loss

Wait, what did we talk about this week?

CACP – 294- TV Porn

It’s that time of year again when television is just sinfully delicious!   Spoiler Alert, we have an in-depth discussion about the season premieres of American Horror Story: Freak Show and The Walking Dead.  What are our chances of survival in the zombie apocalypse?  Also, to Rogaine or not to Rogaine, lost time, new projects, surprise parties and the good old celebrity reach around.


CACP – #295 – Happy Not Stabby

Clowns International of America is speaking out against American Horror Story: Freak Show for perpetuating the scary clown stereotype.  Because it didn’t exist before the show?  Continuing with scary we discussed the potential Ebola virus outbreak and what our Halloween costume plans are.


CACP – #296 – Big Gay Movie Night

We finally did it and kicked off our monthly Big Gay Movie Night!  Since it’s the season of gloom and doom it had to be scary and as the title states it has to be gay.  So what could be a better fit than the musical horror movie, Stage Fright?  Nothing!

This episode we also discuss the recent terror events in the world including the attack in Canada and the fence jumping at the White House.  Wendy is sleeping on the floor and Gary has a new bed getting the best sleep of his life.  You do the math.  Donna gives a dad update and Joey discussed NaPodPoMo 2014 and an omen.

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Music from this episode includes:     Glamazon by RuPaul and Where We Belong from the movie Stage Fright both available thru our Amazon link.


CACP – #297 – Halloween Spooktacular

The Cocktails and Cream Puffs Halloween Special!


CACP – #298 – Long Tie Lesbian

The fabulously funny Kristen Becker of Dykes of Hazard is back in town and in our studios!  Kristen is a comedian and an activist for equal LGBT rights.

Check out Kristen at


CACP – #299 – Back to the Future

After a tragic hard drive crash we had to jump into the delorean and revisit episode 299 to save Cream Land.  Time space continuum…righting the universe..blah, blah, blah.  In all reality we couldn’t release a 300th episode until we released a 299.


CACP – #300 – Family Reunion

Cocktails and Cream Puffs has hit a milestone and the ENTIRE Cream Puff Gang has come together to celebrate!


CACP – #301 – It’s Delicious

There is a snow storm descending upon and we are still on a back up computer…but we will survive.  This we know for certain because we are behind on posting because of the stupid computer and the storm is over and melted.  Anyway, enjoy this naughty, off color show!


CACP – #302 – All the Rats Have Jumped the Ship!

This week’s LIVE show was only Wendy and Joey holding down the fort and was low key until National Breaking News.  Our prayers are with everyone involved and hopefully this will help mold a better future.  Let’s bring change out of tragedy.

CACP – #303 – Buy My Cookies

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a time for eating too much and emotionally abusing family.  Why should this year have been any different?  At least the turkey was really moist.  At the end of the day it was a cornucopia of fun and memories.

Also a Walking Dead West Coast oops, Girl Scouts go online, a bacon surplus, and high school girl takes entrepreneurship to the next level.


CACP – #304 – The New Elf on the Shelf

Laughter, silliness, profanity…these are a few of our favorite things.   This week we are all over the place but having a great time discussing the bland live broadcast of Peter Pan, living with AIDS for World AIDS Day, celebrity gossip and a brand new character is introduced in the Cocktails and Cream Puffs family.


CACP – #305 – Matters of the Heart

Christmas is just around the corner and you know what that means…..presents from our fantastic Creamies!  But it’s not all fun and games there’s also car troubles, vet visits and Wendy’s big heart stopping announcement.


CACP – #306 – Pre-Christmas Meltdown

It wasn’t quite our usual Christmas Spectacular or the original X-Mas show we planned to do but it sure was a lot of fun with presents, booze and song.  We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

CACP – #307 – Christmas Recovery

We survived Christmas and have some great presents and stories to show for it!  Food, violent games, Into the Woods and Gary’s Christmas Miracle.

Music from this episode includes Tell Him performed by Bette Midler from her new album It’s the Girls available on Amazon.


CACP – #308 – Creamin’ in the New Year 2015

It’s Cocktails and Cream Puffs 4th Annual “Creamin’ in the New Year”.  Join Joey, Wendy and Donna as they ring in 2015, twice!


CACP – #309 – 2 Liters of Lube

The Holidays are over and everything has been put away.  It’s time to get back to some normalcy, whatever that is.  In this episode we discuss Wendy and Joeys trip to see the hilarious Jim Norton of the Opie and Anthony Show in a potential fire trap, the man built to “dp”, an unlikely package in the mail, and the tragic death of a transgender teen and how can we try to help prevent this in the future.  Like I said, back to normal.


CACP – #310 – There’s Only Room for One Donna

The Serial podcast has exposed podcasts to the masses, but at what cost and at whose expense?  Joey discusses his psychopathic “friend” and his murderous neighbor, Big Silly Homo has returned and the News is back!

Music from this episode includes Causing a Commotion performed by Madonna from the Who’s That Girl Soundtrack, available for download on Amazon.



CACP – #311 – My Weekly Flagellation

It’s the last LIVE show of Season 10 which is apparent by the annual in-studio knife fight…it’s time for a break!

In this episode Wendy’s death is pitched as the next Season of Serial.  Spoiler alert Joey did it.  Wendy is soon to be a home owner (so Joey would profit from her death) and everyone is getting ready for the work holiday party aka “The Freak Show”.

Je suis Charlie!


CACP – #312 – It’s a Small World

The Golden Globe winners are in and this year was pretty gay.  Speaking of gay, we engaged in a surprise talk about Disney and discover that it’s Donna Suggarz true passion in life.  Also, listener feedback, the Supreme Cream and some people just can’t take a joke.

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CACP – #313 – Grab That Dough

A “getting to know you” episode as we debut on the new RainbowRadio.FM

Joey went on a game show and competed against a “fascinating” team…no really it was like something out of a sitcom…really!


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