CACP – #244 – Keep it Real

We’re back for Season 9 and we’re keeping it real!  So much happened while we were on hiatus including the lack luster Super Bowl, The Grammys with their “controversial” mass wedding during the performance of Macklemore’s Same Love and an explosive occurrence.

Also, we’ve gone from 7 candidates to 5.   Who will be the next Supreme Cream??  An update on our weight loss challenge and a new segment debuts, “Pardon My French”.

Music from this episode includes Same Love by Macklemore, available for download thru Amazon.


CACP – #245 – Pardon My French

Wendy has a big exciting trip of a life time to announce and Joey helps her prepare by expanding her linguistic skills.  In T.V. Talk they discuss the ending American Horror Story: Coven and the new gay series, Looking.  Also, the News and an Oscars Contest!


CACP – #246 – Sam I Am…Gay

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia have commenced without a hitch…well almost.  What did you think of the opening ceremony (minus the malfunctioning snowflake of course)?  For a first hand point of view we welcome back our guest, the Olympic Flame with his candid perspective on all things Olympics, Russia and Putin.

Continuing with sports news the NFL may have its first openly gay player with Michael Sam.  Did he do the right thing by coming out before the draft or did he doom his future career options?  How will the NFL and the fans react?

Wendy and Joey gave a weight loss update and another person is eliminated on their journey to become the #1 Creamie for 2014.


CACP – #247 – Make the Most of Me

Cocktails and Cream Puffs is officially 4 years old!  We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken this journey with us.  Whether you have been with us from the very start or have joined us along the way, Thank You.  We will continue to grow and change but we promise to provide you with the show you have come to expect as long as you continue listening.  Here’s to another 4 years.


CACP – #248 – The Better to See You

Unexpectedly an asteroid appeared, becoming dangerously close to hitting the Earth.  If you knew that impact was inevitable what would you do?  For example Gary would spend time with his family, Wendy would cuddle with her dog (aka a Saturday) and Joey would host an orgy and handcuff Gary to a sling, with Wendy of course handing out lube and paper towels.  But alas, we were spared.

Also discussions of “the Facebook  Killer”, is this actually a rare female serial killer or just a nut job out for attention?  The Kansas anti-gay bill promoting segregation and intolerance for a better America!?!

Joy Behar, Valentine’s Day and the candidates for the Supreme Cream present their commercials.

CACP – #249 – Hurricane Donna

Hurricane Donna has finally arrived in Buffalo!!!  Cocktails and Cream Puffs will never be the same again.

CACP – #250 – And the New Supreme Cream is…

It’s a week of winners and losers kicked off with the Academy Awards, followed by our own Oscar pic winner and of course the crowning of the #1 Creamie for 2014.  Who is the next Supreme Cream???


CACP – #251 – The Skepchick

This week’s special guest is the founder of the Skepchick blog and co-host of The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe podcast, Rebecca Watson.

Check out Rebecca at

CACP – #252 – Heeere’s Johnny!

Missing planes, Russian invasions, dead celebrity sex tapes and Chris Crocker of viral video “Leave Britney Alone” fame making another porn…Can this world endure much more tragedy?

CACP – #253 – Sensational Silver

Another baby born with HIV has been allegedly cured.  With medical science making daily advances…how far are we truly from a cure for all?

This week Gary had the honor of helping a friend go to his eternal rest by sharing his gift of song.  Wendy has had a bad hair day for weeks now and is given a consultation and Donna experiences Buffalo Gay Bingo.

CACP – #254 – It’s Magically Delicious

It’s St. Patrick’s Day in the Queen City and all hell is breaking loose in the Cocktails and Cream Puffs Studios.  Order must be restored.  This week we present an assortment of topics worthy of Whitman’s Sampler, including…good food, actual blizzards, rolling rims, job interviews and a one of the hottest celebrity sex lists we’ve ever seen!  Oh, and if that isn’t enough…we have a leprechaun too.

CACP – #255 – Here Kitty Kitty

With so much drama in the world, a bit of levity was needed.  Since we couldn’t show you crazy cat videos on YouTube, we thought this could be the next best thing.

Back to reality…the Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 is still missing without a trace raising more questions than answers.  Was this a hijacking or just a plane crash?  Will we ever know?

The man who made himself the enemy of the LGBT community, Fred Phelps the excommunicated founder of the Westboro Baptist Church is on his death bed at the time of this recording.  How as a community should we react?  Do we turn the other cheek or do we do unto him as “he” would do unto us?

All of this and sooo much more!

CACP – #256 – A Friend From Down Under

The simplest way to describe this episode is the chaotic ramblings of 4 lunatics with microphones.  This week we cover everything from our reactions to the death of hate monger Fred Phelps to Mr. Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon doing white face.  We also learn that you never know who will drop into the studio for a little visit.

CACP – #257 – Packing Meat

With the start of a new month also comes April Fool’s Day.  While we didn’t partake in any pranks ourselves we presented a few you may want to keep in your back pocket for the future.

RuPaul’s Drag Race came under fire for the term She-Male used in a competition.  Was this insensitive or is this an overreaction?

Finally, Donna receives a mysterious letter!

CACP – #258 – Jugs!

Death, new jobs, breast reductions, Dr. Oz, Denmarkians, child abuse and poison bologna….all in one show!

CACP – #259 – Adam Burns

In studio we were fortunate to have our dear friend, the Co-Founder of Pride 48 and the Co-Host of Dubious Intent Plus, Adam Burns!  Adam tells us all about his NYC and Buffalo mini vacation with his boyfriend, Mittens and all about his experiences growing up gay in the Bible Belt.

No melons were harmed in the making of this episode


CACP – #260 – The Homecoming Queen

This is a rare Joey-Free episode…almost.  The Cream Team exchanged theories regarding the alleged whereabouts of one Ms. Betsy Carmichael.  Donna Suggarz: the Early Years explored her first kiss, her early obsession with playing dress up and an ill-fated run for Homecoming Queen.  Last but certainly not least, advice for queer youth attempting to live their lives in less than idle circumstances.

Music from this episode includes: The Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun performed by Julie Brown available for download on Amazon.


CACP – #261 – Death and Taxes

As the old saying goes, “everyone’s a critic” especially when it comes to art but did the British art student who planned to lose his virginity just play the media for publicity or did he get cold…feet?

Late Night has a new host but does anyone actually know the real Colbert?

Our views on the RuPaul‘s Drag Race controversy.  We discuss the differences between drag queens and transgender individuals.

SPOILER ALERT…Joey gave away the details of the Game of Thrones “Purple Wedding”…by now anyone who cares surely knows.


CACP – #262 – Hot Wax

Against all odds Godspell is finally open…Christ has risen and will continue to do so 4 nights a week.  This episode is a lot of behind the scenes theatre talk, waxing…they say a picture is worth a thousand words but only one comes to mind and it begins with a B and your Cre-Mails!!!


CACP – #263 – Spoiler Alert

In this episode Joey apologies for his lack of a “spoiler alert” on a past episode but asks the question when is it appropriate to discuss a “spoiler”.

Also The Game of Thrones television series accidentally spoiled The Game of Thrones the book.  Sarah Palin is screaming about something again and X-Men director, Bryan Singer’s alleged under age sexy pool parties.


CACP – #264 – Out in the Army

This week we bring you an interview with James Wharton, a former soldier and author of Out in the Army: My Life as a Gay Soldier.

Joining the army at 16, James spent ten years in the Household Cavalry serving both ceremonially in the capital and operationally in Iraq. During his decade of service, He was instrumental in the change of attitude towards LGBT people in the British military, becoming the first ever gay person to appear on the front cover of Soldier magazine.

To learn more about James Wharton visit his site and be sure to purchase his book Out in the Army: My Life as a Gay Soldier available as of today in the United States thru our Amazon Link


CACP – #265 – Pour Some Suggarz on Me

After making their cross country journey from California to New York we are joined by Mama and Daddy Suggarz in studio!  Find out all about their trip and how Donna really was as a small child.   That’s love when your parents transport your wigs and a box of porn.


CACP – #266 – Can You Taste the Chocolate?

Just because we know how much you love to listen to people eat; we kick off this episode with a Mystery Dorito taste test.  Which one of the new demo flavors is your favorite?

What did you think about the kiss seen around the world?  Is it really a big deal or has it been completely blown out of proportion?

And Mother’s Day….ours included brunch, radio contests, screaming and fire arms.  How about yours?


Rest in Peace Michele Sacco.  You will be forever in our hearts.


CACP – #267 – Naughty Pictures

Marriage equality is popping up all over the United States faster than spring wild flowers.  Where will be next?

The Tea Party attempts to over throw the government again but it must be done quickly….they have work tomorrow.

News, our weeks and a listener sends fantasies with naughty pictures!

CACP – #268 – Buffalo Out Loud

Happy Pride Creamland!  Gay Pride month has officially started and we of course kick off the season with Buffalo’s Gay Pride, this year themed “Out Loud”.  Get into it!


CACP – #269 – #FirstWorldDragQueenProblems

As we attempt to recover from our fabulous Buffalo Pride weekend, we explore the trials and tribulations of preparing and executing a successful Pride.  1 U-Haul truck, 2 lesbians, 3 bottles of tie dye, 7 yards of fabric, 125 handmade paper flowers, 150 balloons, 2000 fliers….the list goes on and on.


CACP – #270 – Racism: Alive and Well

CAUTION this episode contain the use of vile language,

This week we discuss a disturbing viral video that unfortunately was filmed in our own backyard.  This disgusting display of hate, racism and ignorance will leave you baffled and disgusted.

On a lighter note it was Broadway’s turn to shine with the TONYS hosted by Wolverine…I  mean Hugh Jackman.

To see the video we discussed go to


CACP – #271 – Moving on Up

This episode is filled with over flowing dumpsters of drunken cast parties, blind dogs and new gay icons.  Most importantly, Donna Suggarz found an apartment and it is not the aforementioned dumpster.  The dumpster would be more spacious!

CACP – #272 – X-Factor

If you could be any of the X-Men for Halloween of course, who would you be?  We already have our ideas in the works.  Speaking of planning ahead, as we prepare to participate in the Pride 48 weekend we introduce a completely original contest for the event, the “Musical Mystery”.  Call in and leave your guess at 716-989-0189 and perhaps you could win the new Hedwig and the Angry Inch cast album.


CACP – #273 – Pride 48 Phone Bombers

Our episode from the 6th Annual Pride 48 LIVE Streaming Weekend.


CACP – #274 – That’s Not What That Word Means

The war of the words continues to rage on but this it’s not even about the right word.  Instead of aiding the cause this confusion or ignorance of the actual meaning of a word is further blurring the lines.  Pick up a dictionary people before you tweet.


CACP – #275 – Overheated

In this week’s show we discuss our ill-fated Pride weekend road trips and lots of sex and porn!

When the Nanny’s away the boys will play.


CACP – #276 – Typhoid Mary

As the title suggests, the black plague is taking hold of the Cream Puffs on this train wreck of a LIVE episode.  If you take the time to sift through the crap, we promise you’ll find some gems.


CACP – #277 – Audio Disaster

Our last LIVE show of Season 9…and well you’ve seen the title.


CACP – #278 – I Have a Black Refrigerator

This was our last episode recorded for Season 9.  Do you see why we desperately needed 2 weeks off?  All filters, tact and good taste went out the window!


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