CACP – #82 – The Mad Hatter

A brand new season 4 with the same old arguments. This week we explore family trees as Joey desperately tries to establish himself as the Crown Prince of Hungary and Matt brings a familiar face to his Grandmother. Marc meanwhile is meeting fans in public; just not his directly and we discover our inner voice. Additionally we discuss the death of Grammy Award winning artist, Amy Winehouse, the brutal butterfly attack on HRH Princess Beatrice, and Miley Cyrus giving the gays the finger.


CACP – #83 – Wendy’s Big Reveal

This week’s episode is like none you have ever heard before. The inmates have taken over and Marc is in the Captain’s chair. Filled with format changes, a review of Jim Steinman music, Lucy Fest, dead babies, and a stunning realization by the Naughty Nanny Wendy. This is truly an episode with something for everyone or one really messed up individual.

This episode contains the song “Total Eclipse of the Heart” performed by The Glee Cast available for download through the amazon link on the home page.

CACP – #84 – I Don’t Do Blow Jobs!

We may not have Marc this week but we have something even better, Dame Betsy Carmichael returns after a stunning run in the West End. This week Wendy just can’t seem to take out the trash, Joey starts a “new” job but in the meanwhile is temping as a dog short order cook, Matt announces in the paper he is not getting married, the Desperate Housewives have one more card game, Joan Rivers shares the secrets to her success and the studio is filled with sexual tension.


CACP – #85 – I’ve Been Downsized

This week love is in the air as two very special Cream Puff siblings get engaged (not to each other), Marc has his six month anniversary and Joey gets licked by a cow. Laugh along with Joey, Marc and Wendy as the also introduce a new show sponsor that is sure to get you off.


CACP – #86 – A Doll’s House

Due to technical difficulties this episode is very late but hopefully will be worth the wait. This week the boys are all back together and discuss the inconvenient truth of the recent events Mother Nature has released on the East Coast. Joey and Dell had a falling out, Matt decided he wants to start a new hobby, Marc reflects on home movies; not the type you think, actual family home movies and Carol Channing shares helpful advice with all the little boys and little girls.


CACP – #87 – Smorgasbord

The boys are back with a smorgasbord of topics. Speaking of smorgasbord, Pride 48 in Las Vegas is only 1 week away! Be sure to listen to your Creamies LIVE on Saturday September 17th at 9pm EST.

In this episode the boys discuss the harsh reactions to Dancing with the Stars casting choice of Chaz Bono. Be advise haters… you are pissing off Cher and she is going to come at you like a mama bear protecting it’s cub on those nature shows. Matt shares the secret of making a proper wedding toast; it’s not all about you! And, the porn industry had a temporary shut down. Hurricanes and Earthquakes I can handle but this is just too much.


CACP – #88 – Oh Beehive!

Oh Beehive! – It’s time for Podcast Award Nomination. For your consideration, please go to and nominate Cocktails and Cream Puffs in the categories of People’s Choice and Best GLBT. It takes less then 60 seconds and you get a lifetime of our devotion. Next stop, Vegas Baby!


CACP – #89 – Where’s Wendy?

This week we recap our fabulous trip for Pride 48 to Las Vegas. What was the most popular question asked of us? You guessed it, “where’s Wendy?”! Our Vegas adventures include meeting all the fabulous podcasters of Pride 48, Joey’s war with Sprint, and the well planned Las Vegas Pride Parade. PS this week’s episode is NOT sponsored by Sprint. Start saving your pennies now for next year’s Pride 48 weekend, it is not to be missed.

Unfortunately, we also had to discuss another tragic teen suicide due to bullying, this one hitting even closer to home. Be part of the solution and spread the message of NO HATE. It does get better.

Finally the Podcast Award nominations end on September 30th. If you have not nominated Cocktails and Cream Puffs yet in the categories of PEOPLE’S CHOICE and BEST GLBT, we need you to go to and do it NOW! We are nothing without you; please show your Creamie Pride and support.

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CACP – #90 – You Can’t Fight City Hall

The Crown Jewel to this episode actually occurred immediately after we finished taping last week’s episode. If Wendy didn’t have bad luck, she would have no luck at all. Also this week Joey attended a vigil for a fallen angel, Marc showed the world is orgasm face and Matt received some news.

Don’t forget the Podcast Award nominations end on September 30th. If you have not nominated Cocktails and Cream Puffs yet in the categories of PEOPLE’S CHOICE and BEST GLBT, we need you to go to and do it NOW! We are nothing without you. Please show your Creamie Pride and support.


CACP – #91 – Liza’s Back!

October kicks off National Gay Pride Month and what a better way than to scream from the mountain tops “Liza’s back and she’s better than ever”. This week Joey is over joyed having the outstanding good fortune to see the ever fabulous Liza (that’s with a Z) Minnelli. Also this installment we review the top ten TV theme songs as voted on by Rolling Stone Magazine and also add about a dozen more that they clearly omitted. Matt shares a touching story of devotion having recently seen another gay icon in concert, K.D. Lang. We also explore the top ten grossing celebrities of the year, discuss Alexis Stewart’s new tell all book ala Mommie Dearest and breaking news, the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs has succumbed to cancer.

This episodes closing song “My Own Best Friend” performed by Liza Minnelli from her album Liza’s at the Palace.


CACP – #92 – The Cat Has Two Faces

This is another week with only two of the boys, someday we’ll be together, yes we will, yes we will. Thanks to all of you we are pleased and honored to announce that we have been nominated again this year for the Podcast Awards in the categories of People’s Choice and GLBT. THANK YOU for your support and congrats to the other nominees.


CACP – #93 – Subtitles for the Hearing Impaired

Team Cream Puff is about to face off on Family Feud in Rochester this upcoming weekend and thanks to an iPhone app they are able to attempt to brush up their skills and later have a family feud of their own. By the way, unless the answer is deaf or hearing impaired related, Matt will not be in the fast money round. This week we also discuss Wendy’s great move, the Rat Pack, theatre etiquette, and how a post on Facebook can open a world of dialogue and of course a little rant about the Podcast Awards. To everyone who is continuing to vote for us, THANK YOU. Voting ends Wednesday. Let’s finish strong.


CACP – #94 – Confessions

Ten years ago, Buffalo United Artists presented a staged reading of Confessions, an original play by then 21-year-old Matthew Crehan Higgins about the no holds barred experiences of young gay men on the verge of adulthood. The popular play spawned a holiday themed sequel, and a revised version became the most honored offering at the 2004 National Gay & Lesbian Theatre Festival, taking honors as Best Ensemble Cast, Best Director, Best New Play, and Best of the Festival.

On this anniversary, Buffalo United Artists presented a one night reading featuring original cast members Brant Adamczyk, Paul Kenjarski, and Matthew Crehan Higgins, joined by Gary Andrews and Matthew Mooney in a benefit for The Trevor Project – the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth.


CACP – #95 – Pride 48 “Live” from the Luxor

For those of you who did not hear us LIVE this year from the Luxor Hotel in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada for the Pride 48 weekend, here’s your chance. The show is truly a technical train wreck, but hey we lived and learned and had the time of our lives.

PS Please don’t adjust your speed at the beginning, Joey IS speaking a mile a minute and some.

CACP – #96 – My Brew is Where the Parties At!

It’s Halloween week and the boys reminisce about Halloween costumes past and for National Podcast Post Month we have our first of a series of interviews with podcaster beginning with Christine and Nicole from our “sister” podcast, Greetings From Nowhere.


CACP – #97 – Greetings From China

We may have not won the Podcast Awards this year but that doesn’t matter because our “sister” show on the West coast did! Congratulations to Greetings From Nowhere the winner of Best General Podcast for 2011. This week’s episode is filled with laughter, celebrities behaving badly and Mariah Carey giving away her modern Christmas classic to anyone who will take it. Also Matt turned down the chance to sing a duet with the one and only Patti Labelle and we have a new fabulous listener in China!

Music from this week’s episode includes:

‘All I Want for Christmas’ performed by Michael Buble and ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ performed by Patti Labelle both available for download through the Amazon link on the home page.

CACP – #98 – Bleep

This is a week of fun, frivolity, and giddiness. Buffalo is under a tornado warning and 10 women from the Buffalo area ages 18-58 where busted for prostitution, don’t worry Wendy has been accounted for. Joey shares his first Grateful Deadish experience including his near death, Matt makes a confession, Marc shares his sound of climax, and we hear stories of Bleep.

Be sure to visit the Amazon link on our home page for all your Holiday shopping needs including an MP3 of this week’s closing song ‘Oldest Profession’ from The Life


CACP – #99 – Most Sensational, Inspirational, Celebrational

Happy Turkey Day Creamies! The boys with great anticipation celebrate the return of the Muppets to the big screen and are joined by very special guests on a promotional tour. This week the boys also discuss their holiday plans, Wendy’s big win, ball shaving, Regis retiring, Kathie Lee’s music career, Ashton and Demi split, Liza breaks her leg and so much more.

To check out The Nimals, visit

Be sure to visit the Amazon link on our home page for all your Holiday shopping needs!


CACP – #100 – The Big 100

In a world that we have seen so many terrific shows pod-fade away we stayed the course and have made it to our 100th episode! We could not have done this without all of your continuous support and we thank you.

This week the gang is all together to show our thanks and gratitude for our awesome listeners. Topics included; The Muppet Movie recap, how Joey ruined Thanksgiving (almost), Black Friday ass-holes, what Marc is willing to do for love, Wendy’s view of the Buchekers, and in honor of World AIDS Day Matt shared a touching memory of a dear departed friend. Here’s to 100 more.

There are only 24 days until Christmas! For all your Holiday shopping needs visit the Amazon link on our home page! Not only is it the easiest way to support the show but is also the easiest and usually cheapest place to shop.


CACP – #101 – Strip Podcasting

This episode is finally a short one with only Joey and Matt this week. Just to shake things up, the boys decided to remove an article of clothing after each segment, fortunately it’s an audio podcast.


CACP – #102 – You and I

This week Creamie Land was filled with both joy and sorrow. Marc shared with us his sadness and memories with the recent passing of his Grandmother. She was a great woman whose legacy will live on through her family and the people’s lives she touched. On the flip side, Wendy had visitors from down under. After nearly a decade she was reunited with her brother Peter and his wife Jill. Truly it was a weekend to remember with wine, stories of the farm, and a replenished supply of clip on koalas. Everyone, please give your family an extra hug this holiday season. You won’t regret it!

In Loving Memory of Mary L. Marconi

December 22, 1917 – December 5, 2011


CACP – #103 – LIVE Christmas Spectacular

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our LIVE Christmas Special on We had a great time and we hope you did too. And, finally we heard Twas the Night Before Christmas by the Naughty Nanny.

We thank you all for your constant support and your overwhelming generosity. Have a very Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you.


CACP – #104 – Creamin in the New Year 2012

Happy New Year Creamies! May everyone have a prosperous and healthy 2012. This episode was presented LIVE on Pride 48 on December 31st. We stared “Creamin in the New Year” last year as a live event and we hope to continue it for years to come. Thank you to everyone who joined us in the chat room, everyone who called in, and to our in studio guests and partners Nick, Kenny, and Kevin. PS it was Joey’s birthday too.


CACP – #105 – Lists

Still recovering from the New Year festivities, Joey and Marc review the best of gay lists as provided by Advocate and Out magazines. Joey discusses his platform as he announces he is running for office and Marc is nearly eliminated by a public service billboard. Additionally, the Queen of Soul Aretha is engaged, Katy Perry is officially getting divorced, and Ricky Martin is to wed in New York too.


CACP – #106 – Foot Panties

In this final regular episode of Season 4 the boys start out by discussing the Senate’s proposed “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA). While the title of this bill sounds like something we all could get behind some of the details could be destructive to the freedoms on the internet for everyone, including, bloggers, face bookers, and podcasters. Get informed and let your congressional representatives know where you stand.

Also this week we find out that Chaz Bono is saving up to buy a penis, Joey is fitted for pointe shoes and discovers foot panties, Marc and Matt get filthy porn at an Epiphany party, the cast has been tentatively announced for what is sure to be a long movie version of Les Miserables, and Beyoncé has given birth to Blue Ivy…She may want to get that checked out!

For more information in SOPA , check out the links below:


CACP – #107 – Nunsense, It’s Habit Forming

Sister Act may have brought nuns to the big screen but it was the Little Sisters of Hoboken that first made singing nuns cool. These Sisters also told jokes, danced and had puppets to boot. Did Whoopi Goldberg have a puppet? This episode is all Nunsense all the time featuring an interview with Dan Goggin the creator of the internationally acclaimed musical Nunsense.

Musical selections in this week’s show include:

Nunsense is Habit Forming from the National Cast of Nunsense A-Men

So You Want to Be a Nun from Nunsense

A Tribute to Saint Catherine Laboure from Sr. Amnesia’s Country Western Nunsense Jamboree

Where is the Rainbow from Nunset Boulevard


CACP – #108 – An All-Star Cast

Just as the title states, this week’s bonus episode features a star studded cast including, Taylor the Latteboy of the Best GLBT nominated Pod is My CoPilot, Christina Hill of the Best General Podcast winner, Greetings From Nowhere, and your host Joey Bucheker of the People’s Choice and Best GLBT nominated Cocktails and Cream Puffs.

This episode is filled with loads of fun and laughter but also some seriousness, such is life. Topics included, massages, politic, cruises (Italian, gay, and Disney) whippets, Paula Deen and more. You’ll just have to listen to find out!

Check out:

Pod is My CoPilot at

Greetings from Nowhere at


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