Feb 2013 27


As we blow out the candles celebrating our 3rd year, we want to take this time to thank everyone who has come back week after week and taken this journey with us. We are very grateful to your devotion and look forward to continuing our adventures together.

This week began with Fucking Men just as every episode should. Wendy claims she didn’t look at any naughty bits but we all know the truth. She also shared her new mantra and how she is trying to find a balance between moist and dry. Joey completed work on the film “Give and Take” and is to direct Les Miserables in the fall. However, after taking a Creamie call he may begin to workshop a new women’s rights musical, “RvW”. A very special NYC “meet and greet” has been announced and the News should offend everyone, especially Asians.

The #1 Creamie contest is heating up. Be sure to show support for your candidate and help them take the crown. Oh yes, there will be a crown.

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