Sep 2012 28

Cocktails and Cream Puffs presents the PILOT of the new podcast, The Library is Open starring Donna Suggarz and Joey Bucheker’s drag alter ego, Medea. This episode was recorded LIVE from the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for Pride 48 2012.

Jan 2013 27

Does anyone still use poppers are have Rush, Purple Haze, Liquid Gold and the rest gone the way of the hanky code?   What do you think are the gayest cities in America for 2013?  Joey has an admirer at the gym, Wendy had a pair of kings and  Marc is type A,  but who really is surprised about that? It’s that time again for the competition to began to become Cocktails and Cream Puffs #1 Creamie for 2013.

Here’s all you have to do is send an email to by February 3rd and in 50 words or less tell us why you should be our #1 Creamie.



Feb 2013 01

The boys are still on a long needed between season vacation but in the meantime we present to you an informative interview that was conducted at the Rochester Pride Festival this past summer with a fantastically interesting individual named Schadenfreude from the Rochester Kink Society.

Also, thoughts on the recent change in policy to allow gays into the Boy Scouts of America.

Time is running out to get your submissions in to become the Cocktails and Cream Puffs #1 Creamie for 2013.  All you need to do is email “why you should be the #1 Creamie” in 50 words or less to by February 3rd.

The Cream Puffs will be back to kick off Season 7 LIVE on at 8pm ET on February 4th.

To find out more about The Rochester Kinky Society visit

Music from this episode includes: Schadenfreude for the original Broadway Cast recording of Avenue Q


Feb 2013 06


We’ve made it to SEASON 7!  Well, half of us have made it.

The Super Bowl (which we are told is some type of sporting event) has come and gone and the long anticipated commercials were so lack luster that we had to actually watch the game.  What is this world coming to?  Beyonce’s half time show looked great but the sound was dreadful.  This is why people lip-sync.  Who do you think did it better, Madonna or Beyonce and which member of Destiny’s Child kicked out the extension cord?

Fucking Men has finally had its New York premier and Wendy was shocked that there was so much fucking, which is understandable.  The title is so misleading.

Finally and most importantly the contestants for the #1 Creamie for 2013 contest have been announced and given their first task.  Let the hunger games begin and may the fiercest bitch win!

Feb 2013 27


As we blow out the candles celebrating our 3rd year, we want to take this time to thank everyone who has come back week after week and taken this journey with us. We are very grateful to your devotion and look forward to continuing our adventures together.

This week began with Fucking Men just as every episode should. Wendy claims she didn’t look at any naughty bits but we all know the truth. She also shared her new mantra and how she is trying to find a balance between moist and dry. Joey completed work on the film “Give and Take” and is to direct Les Miserables in the fall. However, after taking a Creamie call he may begin to workshop a new women’s rights musical, “RvW”. A very special NYC “meet and greet” has been announced and the News should offend everyone, especially Asians.

The #1 Creamie contest is heating up. Be sure to show support for your candidate and help them take the crown. Oh yes, there will be a crown.