Mar 2015 17

1454883_10202532214773170_1762251058_nJoey discusses his invasion plans on the Big Apple and the journey to the Supreme Cream is almost over!



Mar 2015 12

square-art-10th-nomone-with-awardDonna and Wendy take over the show and get sassy!  Discussing everything from rim rolling to seasonal depression, with laughter and wit the entire way.  That is until the gods of podcasting decided they were having way too much fun and put a screeching halt to it.

**PLEASE NOTE** We are aware of the the sound issues lately and are working very hard to correct them.  Thank you.

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Mar 2015 04

8485734Madonna took a cringe inducing fall on live television and then like any wonder woman would do, got right back up and continued performing once again reminding us why she is better than us.

-    Leonard Nimoy, the actor known world-wide as Star Trek’s Spock has died.
-    Two more candidates have been eliminated from the running for Supreme Cream.
-    Thanks to all of you, we’ve been nominated this year for a People’s Choice Podcast Award for Best GLBT.   THANK YOU!

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Feb 2015 21

Reworked logoMy Valentine’s Day turned into a satisfying 3 way of sorts.  How did you spend yours?  Flowers, candy, dinner or maybe you choose to boycott cupid and this bull shit holiday all together!


- Lady Gaga is engaged.

- Our review of American Sniper

- Game of Thrones goes off book.

- And farewell Leslie Gore.

Music from this episode includes You Don’t Own Me performed by Leslie Gore available thru our Amazon link for download.


Feb 2015 19

SNL-40Saturday Night LIVE has hit a mile stone with 40 years of sketches, celebrity hosts and musical guests.  It’s fair to say that SNL has become an American institution however you always hear the last cast is better than the current.  What is your favorite SNL sketch and cast?  Coneheads, Church Lady, the ambiguously gay duo or perhaps my favorite “dick in a box”.

In other news, it seems that the world or at the very least Buffalo is freezing over.  It’s all fun and games until someone’s heat gets turned off.