Jul 2015 09

000white-house-rainbow-scotus-gay-marriage_2We are a nation divided; Republican/Democrat, gay/straight, North/South, Donna/Joey…however this week, thanks to the Supreme Court of the United States we took a step closer to “Liberty and Justice for All”.

This episode contains contains a large heated discussion about liberties and freedoms and where do we draw the line…if we draw a line at all?


Jul 2015 05

11401336_10100162186414583_6294725086715267228_nOur broadcast fro the Pride48 LIVE Summer Event 2015!  Our broadcast from the Pride48 LIVE Summer Event 2015!


Jul 2015 01

Betsy1A stressful week trying to remount the tighter and brighter Betsy Carmichael’s Late Nite Bingo.  Everything else is a blur.

Jun 2015 23

026Post Buffalo Pride reflections, the Greek Festival and Donna’s new found love, Wendy continues to find the worse tenants ever, car troubles, games shows and no good deed goes unpunished.  See, something for everyone!


Jun 2015 11


It’s Pride in Buffalo and what an amazing ever changing, ever growing, ever evolving experience it has become.  HAPPY PRIDE!

Music from this episode includes American Pie performed by Madonna, available thru our AMAZON link.