Feb 2015 19

SNL-40Saturday Night LIVE has hit a mile stone with 40 years of sketches, celebrity hosts and musical guests.  It’s fair to say that SNL has become an American institution however you always hear the last cast is better than the current.  What is your favorite SNL sketch and cast?  Coneheads, Church Lady, the ambiguously gay duo or perhaps my favorite “dick in a box”.

In other news, it seems that the world or at the very least Buffalo is freezing over.  It’s all fun and games until someone’s heat gets turned off.


Feb 2015 13

tumblr_static_600459_449395548462553_1335394156_nValentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Some people go out to dinner, some people go to the movies and some people drink a bottle of champagne, eat a whole pizza and watch a movie where everyone dies.  To each their own.


- Should Brian Williams get the axe?

- Should Wendy’s tenant get the axe?

- Movie Review of Selma

- The confusing tragedy of Bobbi Kristina.

…and so much more!


Feb 2015 11

Sam-Smith-Receiving-A-Grammy-Award-2015-600x427Original Cream Puff, Marc Sacco joins us as we discuss this year’s Grammy Awards…  The winners, the sore losers, the performances and the cute clothes.

-Sexy encounters on vacation.
-Marc drops a bomb on Joey.
-Wendy repeats a familiar cycle.
-Snow, snow and snow.
-Supreme Cream eliminations
and so much more!
Music from this episode includes Stay with Me by Sam Smith, available thru our Amazon link.


Feb 2015 06

Bruce-Jenner-interview-transgenderFact or fiction, where the tabloids correct when it comes to former Olympian, Bruce Jenner?  If the “sources” are correct America may be watching a beloved athlete and role model transition right before their very eyes on tv.  Now that’s reality television.


-8am yoga nightmares

-The Celebrity Reach Around including the tragic repeat of events with Whitney Houston’s daughter.

-When gingers attack… and so much more.

Music from this episode include Holding Out for a Hero performed by Lucy Ward available thru our link on Amazon.


Feb 2015 04

Katy-Perry-dancing-sharksWe’re back for SEASON 11!  This episode we talk all about the Super Bowl…depressing commercials, giant lions, dancing sharks and shooting stars.  Rumor has it that there was also a football game.

Also the road to the Crown has begun with an inspirational message from the current Supreme Cream.

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Music from today’s show includes Upside Down by Diana Ross, available for download thru our Amazon link.