May 2016 20

black_coffeeThis week Donna tells tales of her travels with Momma Suggarz, including a special meet and greet at the Big and Tall Warehouse.  Joey reviews, endorses and stocks up for Christmas a sex toy.  Stonehenge has come to the neighborhood and Wendy has been holding out on us.  All of this and more…


May 2016 16

13095899_10209618531686664_6667620122514025686_nIt’s the day after Mother’s Day and we have Momma Suggarz in the house!  The Cream Team all had a great day with their mothers except for one who didn’t call.  If you can’t get to mother, we bring mother to you.

Also, Craggles has a run in with a little person, Donna let’s her aggression out, Wendy takes a school of fish to their limit and Joey discusses his cruise….a lot.  All of this and more on this episode of Cocktails and Cream Puffs!

If you have an answer to our “And Scene” segment, be sure to call us at with your guesses.


May 2016 12

CocktailsandCD32bR05aP01ZLDonna curses Joey as he is off cruising in Mexico and the studio equipment is not cooperating.  Our former Supreme Cream has been put out to pasture on a stud ranch.  Wendy shares her method of dog walking. Donna shares a secret recipe.  Talk of Ted Cruz sex tapes and Donna prepares for a ROAD TRIP of her own.


Apr 2016 28

10426622_10205790990401586_1227146110946054068_nTraveling with a diva cup is strongly frowned upon. Be advised. The celebrity deaths keep coming. 2016 – Year of Death. Our first calls for our new segment, “And Scene” and Donna has urges! Please remember to nominate us for GLBT for the Podcast Awards. Nominations close the 30th.

Apr 2016 27

unspecifiedIt’s Primary season and everyone is losing their minds.   Wendy learns to never leave home without her cell phone and Joey and Donna open a new show!   Remember please nominate Cocktails and Cream Puffs for GLBT at