Sep 2014 10

302083_2507093283221_1972636434_nThe end of the summer cook-out was so much fun that we all agreed we should do it again.  Perhaps a monthly Big Gay Movie Night/Dinner Party…Mommie Dearest, Valley of the Dolls, Edge of Seventeen.  Suggestions are welcome.  We also continued with listener questions, many of which were not appropriate for the dinner table including someone’s use of a toilet in their sex life.  Free passes, Orlando Bloom, stolen celebrity nude pics and so much more.


Sep 2014 05

grillLabor Day has arrived imposing its yearly ban on all things white in our wardrobes and signaling the unofficial end of summer.  It also means that it’s time for one more BBQ!  For those of you who can’t stand listening to people eat, you’re out of luck.  You name it; we grilled it and then ate it.  This week’s episode is filled with conversations around the dinner table and listener questions.  Good food, good friends, good times.

Music from this episode includes, A Town Without Pity by The Nylons available thru our Amazon link.


Aug 2014 31

apa_saved_by_bell_jt_130125_wmainWe’re so excited about so many upcoming events first and foremost being the unauthorized Saved by the Bell Lifetime movie!  Finally we find out who slept with whom (allegedly) at Bayside High and what other naughty adventures Zack, Slater, Kelly, Screech, Jessie and Lisa got themselves into.

We also reveal some of the Emmy winners, play a little game to see what was lurking on Wendy’s computer and yes we are still excited about Pride 48, Las Vegas!


Aug 2014 27

mischaThis week’s episode includes an interview with Mischa Badasyan, the European performance artist who plans on having “sex” with a different man every day for a year with his project entitled Save the Date!

Also more Vegas talk, a new Creamie calls in (spoiler alert, he doesn’t know Marc and Matt are gone) and questions from an aspiring Drag King.

To learn more about Mischa, check him out at:


Aug 2014 21

waterjbThe ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is all the rage raising awareness and millions of dollars for Lou Gehrig’s disease.  The Cream Puffs have been called out and of course proudly answered the challenge.   Please do your part and consider making a donation at

Also this week…Wendy discovers she doesn’t live in Upstate New York, Gary was murdered, Joey’s hanging with Mr. Cooper and Donna jets to California and back for a family visit and of course lunch at Del Taco.

Check out our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos on our YouTube page.